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President of the Centre of the American Experiment John Hinderaker says the US has never had a president like @JoeBiden before in that all the other presidents have been “more or less fit for duty” at inauguration.

19 days ago

SCOOP: A growing number of Republican senators — led by Ted Cruz — are set to announce today they also will object to certifying state Electoral College votes on Wednesday, congressional sources familiar with their conversations tell Axios.

Legalized corruption has become business as usual in the United States, writes @Sarah_Chayes. Those responsible are not foreign tyrants or Beltway hucksters, but a coalition of American elites who have changed the rules for their own enrichment.

Quoted @RoxaMaracineanu

Ce soir des sportifs, des athlètes ont pris une décision historique face à une attitude qu’ils ont jugée inacceptable. Une expression de racisme ordinaire. Nous attendons les résultats de l’enquête mais je ne peux que saluer la symbolique forte de leur geste et leur solidarité

Le"salut de leur geste" avant "l'anquete" c'est du PRÉJUGEMENT crasse, ordinaire, madame.

Four men removed mysterious Utah monolith, eyewitness claims

Four men removed mysterious Utah monolith, eyewitness claims


Kevin Sorbo
2 months ago

Government is necessary because people left unchecked will do evil. The government is composed of people left unchecked

I'm listening to Country Roads (Pop Country) on @TuneIn.

Quoted @elonmusk

Something extremely bogus is going on. Was tested for covid four times today. Two tests came back negative, two came back positive. Same machine, same test, same nurse. Rapid antigen test from BD.

:) Elon doubting the new religion...

This is crazy. He helped Biden draft his speech on Sat night, without disclosing that fact to the audience (or anyone?), then reacted to the speech live on the air as a paid MSNBC contributor. Let me guess- he liked it?

America has developed the most advanced technology in the world, but we can't count votes in a timely fashion? Seriously?

This is happening nationwide, not just here in Philadelphia, PA! We must fight to protect our right to fair and free elections.

Kevin Sorbo
3 months ago

Bring back voter ID If you need one to drive, buy alcohol, fly on a plane, adopt a pet, buy tobacco products, open or access you bank account, then you should need one to vote

I mean this is going to be the greatest GIF of all time

I'm listening to Highway 65 Radio on @TuneIn.

I posted to @Facebook the video of @JoeBiden saying he would raise taxes. He said it. It’s a video. 

And this is what Facebook does to the post of Biden’s actual words.

I posted to @Facebook the video of @JoeBiden saying he would raise taxes. He said it. It’s a video. And this is what Facebook does to the post of Biden’s actual words.

Biden says he and Obama built the “most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics”

Twitter blocks post from White House science adviser Scott Atlas (Atlas is the former chief of neuroradiology at Stanford University Medical Center) via @nypost

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