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If you are invested in fossil fuel mining you will be paying carbon tax. If you profit from investments your superannuation funds make in fossil fuels you will be paying carbon tax.

I’m right in the edge of a breakdown. My emotions are close to the surface. As much as I want to look any of the trip here tears me up.

I got a bit of crema on my coffee this morning. They’ve eased up on the chlorine & fluoride a bit maybe.

I was on the bus enjoying the tunes, scrolling my page & twiddling. Like I said you change my life.

I wonder what wld happen if we all watered the gardens this afternoon at the same time just to cool the land off where we can? I wonder?

Ok girls time 2 set up the Temperance League. They’re advertising booze & gambling during the day on free to air tv. Domestic violence is BAD ENOUGH without these cretinous morons encouraging the drongos!

‘Accentuate the positive eliminate the negative.’ Every single one of us consumers have all woken up to what we consume. That’s a powerful new normal.

Just to give some perspective, they talk about ‘points’ on the stock exchange. One point is one transaction, one sale. That’s it. One deal. ONE! That’s what they’re cheering about!?

Save us from all these ‘new’ food documentaries w/ the never ending ever ascending scales of music in the background boring to hear!

All we need to know is the Gamileroi ppl say NO. It’s their land. FK OFF.

That’s it I put water in the bath for my paddling pool. I had a sluice already. I’ve got the air con in my colouring pens! They’re going to dry out in this heatwave, I’ll just go for a dip.

Oh come on now, how can they berate the winegrowers here for giving them a good price for the product when all the vines there belong to the republic & r subsidised into existence.

I don’t believe they wld light stubble fires or have gas flaring anywhere in this heatwave.

We just might fashion a positive out of this negative yet ppl. I reckon Joe Frost has done all the ground work. Can we get a few testimonials for Supernanny on our twitter vine? You & the kids will love it.

I feel v fortunate in this respect I’m old enough to recommend PET. I totally ate up everything about being a mother. It became a means to a 360 degree developement. Now there’s time to learn it!

Big trouble in the Navajo nation. Any trained nurses that can will go & help I believe. I was thinking that the defence services wld have sone nursing staff & logistics to help organise secure supply chains. Transport services need safety courses.

The stranded coal can come back it is useful as a slow release fertiliser. It cld be re purposed & used as a base for composters.

I’m glad there are such sites as Mens Sheds. They are the auxiliaries of the Men’s Community Health Centres that will be established in 2021. We need to give them help.

Go in peace Maradona. My tears were 4 the joy you gave us all.

I’m watching CBS there’re gaps in OH&S. You have trained personnel in the army navy & airforce RESERVES. You give them the role of hospital auxiliaries & they will lighten the load.

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