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Who wants a free #dnd5e adventure? In The Long Soak, the party investigates a locked door mystery. #dnd #rpg #ttrpg #free

Shim: Enacting the Second Pact to save the life of a family that accepted him when no one else did #dnd #dnd5e

I'm grateful to be alive and have supporters to keep my spirits up. Let the Friday thanks begin with some brotherly love - @masterthegamerp @Nerdarchy @unMadeGaming @takingd20 @wallyd2 @heathmartinVO @HeyRuty @K9karaffa @wasd20Nate @BDaveWalters @vampiresnvino

Here’s hoping you are roll a 20 today! #dnd #dnd5e #rpg

Go beyond fantasy with 5th Evolution! -WW2 -Supers -80s Horror -Jack the Ripper #dnd5e #dnd #rpg #ttrpg

Very excited to try these new adventure @Limitless5e

Very excited to try these new adventure @Limitless5e

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Eodas: Was killed on a critical surprise attack by a grick, a NAT 1 on a death save and a NAT 1 o... #dnd #dnd5e

Make sure your dead PC is remembered forever!

Ei'er: Was ripped in half by a natural 1. #dnd #dnd5e

Grab any of the 16 D&D Classes tshirts for your adventuring group!
Even the Dungeon Master!


Grab any of the 16 D&D Classes tshirts for your adventuring group! Even the Dungeon Master! #dnd

Lunumbra Amastacia: Was eaten by a zombie frogman. #dnd #dnd5e

#SundayFollow . One of these minions doesn't realise I ate their soul last night. @thegamestavern @TheSessionTapes @MashedFries @zatnikotel @Limitless5e @Blitz_Graybeard . I will contact you later, minions. [Inset Art by Carlos Fabian Villa.]

Ash Tenuvanel: Killed by his best quality: saving others from giant magical explosions. Twice. #dnd #dnd5e

Wiley Reily Goodbarrel: Tried to feed sewer rats a part of his ration... was eaten instead. #dnd #dnd5e

What's everyone playing this weekend?! #dnd #dnd5e #rpg #ttrpg

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I'm happy to announce that we're live to accept pitches for our next #UnbreakableAnthology volume! Things to expect: 📚 More themes = more volumes! ⚙️ Adventures & scenarios (no hacks plz)! 🌈 Showcase more Asian stories! 🖋️ Provide a platform for Asian creators! Details 👇

Hey folx! We're accepting pitches for Unbreakable Volume 2 and beyond! If you previously asked to join our Google group, all emails have been verified & added, so please check the link again to read the details!

Day 13 - 22 Pushups for Veteran #SuicideAwareness (with a Yavin flyby) Schedule pleasant activities for yourself! Engaging in more activities you enjoy typically improves mood. #mentalhealth

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SPOILER ALERT! Episode 7 is out today! #carpooltheseries #comedy #spoilers

New episode! Kate LOVES basketball 😆🚗 #webseries #carpooltheseries

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