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can't describe me in 160 characters or less.

Earth, mostly
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Wore red lipstick for a shoot yesterday. When I got home, my parents were having a conversation…

My job as a radio DJ and my role as a mother requires me to shuttle between work and family…

#throwback to #lastnight at #musicbankinsg. My heart is filled with gratitude for the…

Hello! Join me at Cetaphil's Roadshow at Ion Orchard B4, 10th of June, 2:30pm. I will be sharing…

🎉🎈🎈Hello! My official FB page is (finally) up. I'll be…

Helloooo weekend, I see you! #luke妈 #happyweekend @ DW Workshop Bistro Event Retail

Is @andiechen trying to A) serenade his beautiful wife @katepang311 B) wipe the camera lens C)…

If I wear my prettiest dress, and ask you real nicely, will you vote for me? 😄 (pls get your…

If I wear my prettiest dress, and ask you real nicely, will you vote for me? 😄 #starawards2017…

Spot on Luke Shoes from chiccosingapore #lukelie #chiccosg

Happy colours and happy faces. Same job, new experience, lots of fun! #tvhost #luke妈 #atwork…

#Repost @ToggleSG with @repostapp ・・・ yes933 DJ @limpeifen tells us about her swanky new abode…

The Lie family sings letters T to Z. Big thank-you to @babatchng and sumochng for the video

It was a short and smooth delivery. #lukelie #luke妈 #iwish #lamemumjokes

Peifen 😸☕️❤ @ Carol Mel Cafe

👀🍎The apple of my eye eyeing @diyatangugu for eyeing his apple snack. #lukelie 📸 @diyatangugu

“像空沙发在等待” 猜一首歌。


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