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Deciding between #krill & fish? Maybe you don't have to choose. A combo will offer the best of both worlds. A krill plus fish oil combination can supply optimal amounts of EPA and DHA while offering the full spectrum of benefits of three unique #omega3 forms, plus astaxanthin!

Did you know that chronically elevated fasting blood #glucose levels—or recurrent, excessive spikes in glucose levels after meals—can lead to long-term consequences such as #heartdisease, blindness, kidney failure, liver disease, and #cancer? Learn about glucose control here.

A novel technology boosts the bioavailability and tissue distribution of #curcumin! Learn about curcumin’s effects on the diseases of aging. #health #wellness #aging

Exciting research shows the benefits of a diet with high intake of #avocados, including improved #cholesterol levels and enhanced nutrient absorption, among other benefits. #nutrition

The dangers of excess #bellyfat and other #adipose tissue could be reduced by increasing the activity of an enzyme known as #AMPK (AMP-activated protein kinase). Here's how:

Life Extension co-founder Bill Faloon describes his ‘Nuclear Bomb’ regimen against infections. Check it out here! #immunesystem #health #wellness #immunity

After adopting a #glutenfree diet, there are natural interventions that can help replenish deficiencies caused by celiac disease, like supplementing with iron, #magnesium, vitamin D, and digestive enzymes. Learn more about celiac disease here.

Breastfeeding is superior to bottle feeding for many reasons, but a mother’s milk is sometimes not enough when it comes to meeting nutrient needs —in quantity and in quality. Here's which nutrients may be lacking. #breastfeeding #breastisbest #parenting #health #breastmilk

Pecans are often associated with sugary foods like pecan pie. But to get the most health benefits, skip the sugar-laden treats. #nutrition #pecans #health

Coenzyme Q10 is found in every cell in our bodies! Here's what you need to know. #CoQ10 #health

Scientists have discovered #vitaminD receptors in nearly every cell in the body! Learn about the wide-ranging benefits here! #health #wellness

Quinoa is increasingly recognized as a #superfood as scientists continue to confirm that its high content of #fiber and high-quality #protein—combined with a vast array of potent compounds—delivers diverse and powerful health benefits. Are you eating it? #quinoa

Wouldn't it be great to fall asleep fast and stay asleep longer? Clinical studies and gene expression analysis show that these #herbal ingredients can help people fall asleep more easily and improve #sleep quality, leading to restorative and health-promoting rest. #nutrition

In Breakfast: The Cookbook, #breakfast expert @EmilyElyse offers 380 recipes representing the best breakfast specialties from 80 different countries. Each #recipe also has helpful icons to identify it as vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, or dairy-free. Here are 4 of them to try!

In our #allergies protocol, learn what causes allergies, how medical treatment can help relieve allergic reactions and how allergy testing strategies can empower you to reduce your allergic symptoms by identifying and avoiding the #dietary or #environmental culprits driving them.

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