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Lee James Carey



LEE -Leading Edge Entrepreneur Credentials 10,000 hrs tech design 20,000 hrs Ops management 30,000 hrs PM Approaching 10,000 hrs B2B sales management

Ottawa, Canada
Joined on December 08, 2009

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More people recognize, we’re not there yet, than can explain there @john_siracusa

Have to take the day off, can’t find my weekend mask

Installing the towel rack, over the weigh scale, means I can hang onto the correct weight.

Social Media & Artificial Intelligence are pixel deep, so can change at the speed of light, some people are not that shallow. @john_siracusa

Morning Mirror Management; training 101, don’t read about driving & smiling, drive & smile.

Morning Mirror Management; the pane of self-improvement is not self-measured

Weekend Wellness Matters https://t.co/EAnwo4HeW2 Follow the Mistress of Fitness @LoriShemek

Buzzing through one last Safe September Weekend @stewartbuzz @davidspruell @JohnLusher @JudyMick @helpingvasleep

The commercial chasm is jumped by business Evel Knievels

Commercial computing power is not necessary if your competitors agree to dual with typewriters

This Halloween, you can Trick or Tweet, in your Twitter mask.

Morning Mirror Management; if this pane does not make you happy, others do not reflect a chance

Morning Mirror Management; last quarter 2020 starts next week, time ravels quickly when we’re locked down.

FF One last Safe September Weekend Wish by State AZ @ArtSobczak MO @reneeludwigs FL @leannajcarey MA @dhemley

FF One last Safe September Weekend Wish by State CA @sallydube FL @knowledgebishop OH @mikelehroza AZ @Tech_Blend

FF One last Safe September Weekend Wish by State PA @brennermichael CA @alshalloway MA @bizshrink CA @lorimoreno

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