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Been to Every Country, State, Continent, National Park, Major Stadium + N & S Pole! Entrepreneur, TV Persona, Travel Writer, Maryland Alum, MBA.

New York City
Joined on September 17, 2010

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Every day, so much crap, so much confusion, so much nonsense, so much deliberate deception. It’s enough to make you crazy. But that’s the whole point. To create confusion and apathy to the point where it’s accepted and normalized. It’s hard but don’t let it become normal. #vote

If you think America is great at the moment, you’re clearly not paying attention. What a sh*tshow this country is and it keeps getting worse. It’s truly astounding how far we’ve fallen as a nation and there’s no signs of stopping the freefall.

Rest In Peace to an American legend, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Very sad to hear this terrible news. #riprbg

America has gone mad. It’s unbelievable. Did we forget the difference between right and wrong; and stop using common sense back in 2016? This isn’t political, it’s nonsensical.

On this day in 1998 I landed in #London #England to #studyabroad, marking my first time ever out of America, not to mention my first time on a big plane. My life was changed forever. The rest is history. #travel

Can we just stop with the #GenderRevealParty nonsense?! Seriously, it’s either a boy or a girl. Just send an email...Enough!

It doesn’t cost anything to be nice. #facts

I’m aware of the rule & by rule it was likely the correct call. But in my view, common sense needs to be used with a default. #Djokovic obviously had no intent. While unfortunate & clearly stupid, dock him a game or a set but not a DQ. The tourney is now uninteresting. #USOpen

It doesn’t matter if you’re #democrat or #republican, #liberal or #conservative, left or right, or anywhere in between; it matters if you’re an asshole or not, do you know the difference between right and wrong and what do you do about it. Happy #LaborDayWeekend. Be smart.

Quoted @RexChapman

Dogs 2020, bruh... https://t.co/cDrkeQlQaH

Dogs 2020, bruh... https://t.co/cDrkeQlQaH

They’ve got my vote! GZUS couldn’t do any worse! https://t.co/TfIeszDsBw

Travel shaming during the #COVIDー19 #pandemic has been a thing. Here’s a @CNNTravel article by @TerryWardWriter where I am quoted along with @garyleff and others about our experience. Have you been #travel shamed? https://t.co/DLI7W0sd4J

#RIPTomSeaver who won his 300th game at Yankee Stadium the day after the first #Yankees game I ever attended in 1985. He was as good a pitcher as there’s ever been. I had the pleasure of meeting him multiple times and he was a gentleman. #rip41

Now is the time to end the blatant thievery of hotel #ResortFees now! #travel

You don’t need to have an opinion on everything. #facts

It makes me so happy and proud as a New Yorker to see the @usopen actually happening! After what #NYC has been through with #COVID19 it’s pure vindication to see one of my favorite global events happening even if I can’t attend this year...I’ll be watching! #USOpen #tennis

Check out this segment I did with @NBCUniversal on how #COVID19 has crippled the #travel industry and businesses like mine. https://t.co/PKEqMSnD6s

RIP #JohnThompson. Growing up in the 80’s as a Big East fan, whether you loved or hated #Georgetown, you respected the heck out of Coach Thompson. He was a titan of basketball and one of the most influential figures of modern sports. Very sad news.

The easiest way to enact real change, start healing and slowly re-uniting our fragile country is to vote for stability and new leadership in the #WhiteHouse. This madness has to end. This is still America! Don’t accept what we currently have as OK, it’s not OK nor normal! #vote

In 2000, in college, I wrote a paper about why #JackieRobinson should be The Person of the 20th Century. I wish I still had it because it was really good! Just saying. #JackieRobinsonDay

I’ve flown a bit during #coronavirus #pandemic & @Delta is a clear #1 in terms of visible safety precautions & passenger comfort level. @JetBlue a solid #2; @united a distant #3 while @AmericanAir is a dreadful #4 amongst US majors doing almost nothing different. #COVID19 #travel

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