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Click here to read the stellar reviews for "Kirkpatrick's Four Levels of Training Evaluation." https://t.co/IadkODoifY https://t.co/eDP8pda8Bb

Click here to read the stellar reviews for "Kirkpatrick's Four Levels of Training Evaluation." https://t.co/IadkODoifY https://t.co/eDP8pda8Bb

We all have different styles in learning thats for sure. But Is Classroom Style Training the Most Effective Way... https://t.co/xuml1OUXUy

Last week's training about steps toward your professional development. #DevelopingPeople #PersonalGrowth https://t.co/f7MPLkjv86

Is it a coincidence that we are working on team-building for one of our upcoming trainings and then, as soon as... https://t.co/eUKS4LQDOp

Congratulations to our dear Atieh for getting her car fixed. The diva is finally back! https://t.co/NB6g3TaprG

How you people doing today? I am sure everyone is very much looking forward to the weekend. Well before that,... https://t.co/7Bf8koi8UP

Find out what kind of learning style you use in training at our Accelerated Learning workshop next month. For... https://t.co/2WehTuX2I1

Good Afternoon everyone, today we post Atieh's article about Workplace Design and Employee Engagement. This is... https://t.co/AwzPe72Fc2

True Story Leader 1: What if we train them and they leave? Leader 2: What if we don't and they stay? I guess... https://t.co/nqGcYk4Ifr

Accelerated Learning is most advanced teaching and training in the 21st Century. It helps speeds up both the... https://t.co/VtlE0gueBZ

What do you conclude from this? (P.S. I love the ending) One married couple came to visit their friends at the... https://t.co/DxTpw2hDL1

Two years later, this article is still relevant. Our Director Maha gives answers to the question ‘Is your company... https://t.co/BNYzoclBQu

To all the #trainers out there, which one do you want to be? AL – Facilitation skills photo Facilitator, right?... https://t.co/9Cb1ZP4UYP

Here’s an interesting fact. 40% of employees who receive poor job training leave their positions within the first... https://t.co/UulAxaBrVu

Hi everyone, hope everyone is doing well. Yesterday, Maha gave me (Nadia) an important tip and I would like to... https://t.co/YKoSC5NJgR

One of the difficult decisions we have to make at Learnactive? Whether or not to turn off the AC. You see, some... https://t.co/X0K5f5VtBk

Learnactive is off today to celebrate Easter. We asked our colleague Nadia to share what Easter means to her and... https://t.co/YmGGWm5F4E

Have a good #weekend everyone!

Nilesh: What kind of #music do you like to listen to? Nadia: Mmm that's a tough one. Nilesh: OK, listen to this... https://t.co/dWmMfUNrwg

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