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@DavidLammy Its the SERCO test and trace, this Govt are determined to link it with the NHS to hide their own failures and pass the blame. Please can Labour MPs call them out.

Thanks to Brexit, we can finally keep those bastards from Kent out of Great Britain! Remember the people of Kent are economic migrants and only want to cross the border to steal our benefits and impose their way of life on us. It's time to take back control. #Kexit

Thanks to Brexit, Britain has reclaimed its borders... by putting a border in Kent! #Kexit

Thatcher's government were more than happy to let the miners and their families starve. They set the police on them and weren't against the idea of bringing in the army... There is no such thing as a compassionate Conservative

I sat and listened whilst a mum of 3 who has worked her entire life sobbed her heart out to me today. She has lost her job during Covid and has no idea how she’s going to feed her children. She might not feel she has a voice but I do. This is unacceptable in 2020...

Quoted @PaulBrandITV

PM blames the rise in Covid cases on people breaking the rules: "There have been too many breaches – too many opportunities for our invisible enemy to slip through undetected."


The boycott of @GMB and @piersmorgan is only one example of the arrogance and hubris of this govt. My column is here

EU 'Tells UK It Will Not Block Food Imports' After Brexit Transition Another Tory lie exposed. Lies destroy democracy. The Tories are destroying democracy, and I think deliberately. We can have the lies and the liars or we can have democracy.

Now that the government have ceded Kent fo France ,if we moved to Maidstone could we get our EU citizenship back?

Hands up who knew there was going to be a second wave of COVID 19. Yes that’s 99.9% of us! So how come this government did not know? Or is this their herd immunity strategy by the back door.

"Never happen" said Dominic Cummings, "It's for the birds" said Dominic Cummings, "Good luck getting Americans to leave Chelsea and move to Frankfurt" said Dominic Cummings...

Kent voted heavily in favour of leaving the EU and now it's basically a French car park. Tremendous.

Is Kent now part of France, or France now part of Kent? Genuinely confused

How can all these interviewees far and wide keep talking about *recovery* and *investment* without ever, ever mentioning the Brexit tsunami rolling inexorably towards us? There is no way of avoiding it, ffs.

So in order for Britain to leave the EU, Kent will have to leave Britain. This is an amazing plot twist.

Quoted @Joe_Mayes

Interesting Brexit narrative now coming from government about potential chaos when transition period ends. Warning that disruptions will be due to `failure of EU to plan' 1/

There are half-truths, there is the blame game and then there is this: absolute denial I don't think anyone is ready to believe this. I don't even think he believes it.

Nigel Farage knew one of his biggest donor has two identities.

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