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I make videos for the @Lakers and @SpectrumSN. Host of the @LFRPod, co-host of @LockedonLakers. Dedicated to helping you experience the Lakers on a deeper level

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“They’re gonna win 67 games” - @BillSimmons 😬😬😬

Phil Handy is in shock.

Phil Handy is in shock.

In this preview for "SQUAD!", @LakerFilmRoom is THRILLED with the amount of pressure Trez will put on the front of the rim 👀😤 To hear more on this, the Lakers' moves in free agency & how the guys think this team will play on both sides of the ball, 🎧:

That feeling when you sign @CaldwellPope, @Keefmorris AND @MONSTATREZZ in 24 hours 🗣🗣🗣

New story - "Why Montrezl Harrell Joined the Lakers” in his words after his initial Zoom call with media members:

19 hours ago
How it started      vs.      How it's going

How it started vs. How it's going

OFFICIAL: Welcome to the City of Angels, @_alvo_

OFFICIAL: Welcome to the City of Angels, @_alvo_

Support @ZayTheChaamp's hustle and hit him up for an oil change if you’re in the LA area The end

Memphis beat the Lakers 106-98 on November 23rd, 2013, on a night where Dwight & Pau scored just 13 combined points, in large part due to Marc’s suffocating defense. Exactly seven years to the day later, we’re (reportedly) both Lakers. 💜💛

Pau and Marc stuck around and took pictures with all the kids, taking the time to talk to every kid that wanted to tell them how much they looked up to them, and stayed well past the initial hour they’d agreed upon.

But Isaiah had one more shot, this time against Marc on the other end. So he gets another head of steam going to the rim…and Marc swats that shit into outerspace. He was not having any of that nonsense. 😂

Isaiah ALMOST got him. Pau reacted just in time and it was enough to make the ball slip out of Isaiah’s hands at the last moment. The rim made that loud noise it makes when someone grabs the rim after missing a dunk, and Pau was very amused.

Pau is completely unsuspecting. Every other kid is driving toward the basket with either a huge grin on their face or a ton of nervous energy, and Pau is relaxed and having a good time with it. So he’s not at all prepared when Isaiah starts barreling down the lane at full speed.

So he tells me what he wants to do and I’m like “NO THE HELL YOU ARE NOT!” And he says back to me “when am I ever gonna get another chance?” And in a moment of absolutely terrible judgment on my part, I decide that he has a point and give him my blessing.

Isaiah did not share the same relaxed and celebratory energy that everyone else in the gym had. Isaiah decided that this might be his only chance to fucking dunk on an NBA player and he was gonna go for it.

We invited our players who had already graduated the year before to come to practice that night too, so they could share in the moment. One of them was @ZayTheChaamp. Isaiah had won league MVP and led us to a league title the year before.

It was more of a celebration than a real practice, so we kept it simple. Did a defensive slide drill w/everyone, some 3-on-2/2-on-1 & layup lines. Pau stood under one basket & Marc under the other, lightly contesting shots while the kids got the chance to score over them.

Memphis had a game in LA in late November, so we settled on the night Marc flew into town. We tried to keep it quiet, but the kids picked up pretty quickly that something was up. They went nuts when Pau and Marc came walking into our dusty ass gym.

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