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@Lakeland Roman speechless!? That’s almost worth the price of admission if the rats and thieves hadn’t used taxpayers dollars to move their own ends and agenda. Sick to stomach at what’s its cost this community!! 🤢🤑🤮

Rats is correct. They need to investigate all the actions the spoiled brat took illegally without formal action by the council, illegal meetings and phone calls etc. A real cesspool!

Rats is right! Need to investigate all actions by spoiled brat bunker RT @tomasjeffersn: Sounds like we finally have a real Mayor! I’m sure Bunker, Roman, Wright and Co. are scrambling like rats as their ship takes on water😢 #Stopthecrooks #LakelandTN 👌

Good riddance to #spoiledbratbunker can’t even leave without threats and nasty comments. #followthemoney

#spoiledbratbunker attacks local residents, childish temper tantrum, stamping his little feet, banging his egotistical head while putting his hands in our pockets for high taxes and illegal sewer fees. #followthemoney as engineers, architects & attorneys get rich with our money

#spoiledbratbunker buying votes with our tax $ again. Buying votes while insulting older people as unable to walk. As usual #spoiledbratbunker using tax $ illegally for personal reasons. #followthemoney and #lockhimup

#spoiledbratbunker uses gang violence for politics instead of having professional law enforcement handle it. Shame onv#spoiledbratbunker, unprofessional even for #spoiledbratbunker

Pathetic & illegal is best description of #spoiledbratbunker & his toadies waste of tax $ on a brochure probably meant as a taxpayer paid campaign brochure but with the plagiarism and errors is an example of incompetence. I am sure a donor was well paid for it! #followthemoney

#spoiledbratbunker showing his “big lie” and juvenile bullying behavior in his attack on Clark Plunk. Also belittles him based on age and disability, but with all the laws this crook has broken... maybe Plunk will testify to all the laws this blowhard has broken #followthemoney

#spoiledbratbunker showed his true nature on how he views us! If we don’t kiss his ass and let him and his cronies blow our tax dollars for his personal projects, and have any different opinions we are “security risks”. The Big Lie he always uses #followthemoney

#spoiledbratbunker wasting our tax $ 4 crony Attorney’s fees, “financial advisors” architects/engineers getting “donations” #followthemoney

#spoiledbratbunker, typically spoiled brat, "voters knew what I was thinking when I lied to get elected". Thinks voters 4 years ago, different Commissioners "knew what he wanted". He just wanted to get into our pocket #Followthemoney

#spoiledbratbunker failed "leader" doesn't even understand role of Mayor. Ass kisser vice mayor comments show that. Wasting our tax dollars on high priced attorneys, consultants, something the #spoildbratbunker learned at the county generates high "donations" #followthemoney

#spoiledbratbunker continues his "extended" illegal term, with the ass kissing "vice Mayor" (appropriate term) ignoring the fact the #spoiledbratbunker has been around for over 4 years. #followthemoney

#spoiledbratbunker grabbing public funds again giving our tax dollars away on double fees for ”refinancing” millions. #followthemoney

#spoiledbratbunker & toadies in another taxpayer ripoff, big “fees” for atty,engineers & loan sharks, big “political contributions “. THM

#spoiledbratbunker and pet attorney break open meeting laws, illegal office extension so can get more payoffs and rip off tax funds

#spoiledbratbunker should be out of office by now, along w/ the #towndrunk 14 long months of pay offs, incompetence and taxpayer rip-offs

#spoiledbratbunker typical throws tantrum blaming everyone else than to accept responsibility for his role in the fiasco Lake District FTM

#spoiledbratbunker High sewer fees & taxes we pay his buddy developers sewer projects and "donate" to him & his & cronies. #followthemoney

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