Lorne Marr

Lorne Marr



Founder of LSM insurance, a leading provider of online life and health insurance solutions.

Markham, ON
Joined on March 22, 2009

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Eric Benchetrit breaks down the Ins and Outs of Life Insurance and Estate Planning with LSM insurance Canada https://t.co/BzyZMFdDAd

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I am really excited to share our recent LSM article. Some of the very best leaders in our industry contributed. A “Big Thanks” to Terri Botosan, Sébastien Dupuis, Michael Aziz, Paul Grimes, Doug Paul, @BrentSwatuk and Scott Findlay for all that you do! https://t.co/uki7FTmBRy

...Lorne Marr, director of new business development with LSM Insurance said this: “I think life and living benefits insurance definitely forms the foundation of any financial plan.” https://t.co/tPm2XoC08c

More than 60 percent of Canadians are overweight, raising their chances of preventable weight-related illnesses like Type 2 diabetes and some forms of heart disease. Apply for a traditional policy or consider a simplified issue policy if you are overweight https://t.co/yhN45LE9Ba

Thanks to Steve Meldrum for sharing his expertise on Immediate Financing Arrangements https://t.co/7cksbPPLIJ

“Years ago, if you had diabetes … you were declined for insurance, but now most, almost all, diabetics can get some form of life insurance”🔽 https://t.co/PNbcCjSeYa

We spoke to Amir Eny, an independent life insurance broker with LSM insurance Canada and Hub Financial, to highlight key aspects of mortgage insurance provided by a lending institution and how it differs from life insurance. https://t.co/c3yd8kTLeQ

Referrals are the lifeblood of many businesses. How do you get more of them?🔽 https://t.co/Hcfo1v12Vd

If you had cancer what are your life insurance options with @CanadaProtPlan. Thanks for the explanation @MikeLiemDFSIN! https://t.co/7GjPTJxvNT

A "Big Thanks" to Cory Budovitch and Brent Swatuk two of the brightest minds in the Canadian Life Insurance industry for sharing their insights on how to best leverage your savings in a tax-sheltered whole life insurance policy. https://t.co/UA9Xzl1aMX

Life Insurance and cash values explained https://t.co/h6WNHmCFgP

The Ins and Outs of Funeral Costs and Funeral Insurance in Canada Compliments of @nomedical https://t.co/nDhDVqOldG

Going back a few years with one LSM's finest Jack Bendahan but the advice still rings true. Not enough brokers taking advantage of preliminary inquiries... https://t.co/LOr8P10G8i

Breaking Down The Infinite Banking Concept and the importance of working with an advisor who understands the mechanics of the underlying tool. The participating whole life policy must be structured properly in order to receive tax-efficient income... https://t.co/virpL0JfSW

Thanks, to Eric Benchetrit for sharing some very rich content on Life Insurance and Estate Planning with LSM insurance Canada Eric is one of the leading minds in the Canadian Life Industry. https://t.co/BzyZMFdDAd

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