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The Little Book of Kabul is a book project by Lorenzo Tugnoli and Francesca Recchia (@kiccovich) on creative and cultural practices in #Kabul

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Behold! 2020’s greatest atrocity

Behold! 2020’s greatest atrocity

That's what the apocalypse will taste like....

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How to disappear completely Dawn editorial cartoon Sunday, 26 July 2020

How to disappear completely 

Dawn editorial cartoon
Sunday, 26 July 2020


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Its been a year since the NRC was published in Assam. Nearly two million people were left in the precarious position — caught between a state and statelessness. What has become of them ?

#NRC - a thread

The sound of the evening rains #Kabul

The sound of the evening rains #Kabul

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Bhima Koregaon: Bombay HC denies bail to activist Sudha Bharadwaj on medical grounds

After two years of fairly arbitrary detention #freeSudhaBharadwaj #FreePoliticalPrisoners

The global #COVID19 outbreak is much more than *just* a health emergency - over the past months at @project_polis we looked at the social, economic and political repercussion of the pandemic - Here's a thread with the pieces we published.

Such a simple but powerful notion: People seek justice to find relief and their faith in such possibility should not be shaken. Thanks @pbhushan1 for reminding us that.

Due to the overwhelming number of applications we have received for the Internship opening we will be closing the internship application at 8pm IST

Drawing a geopolitical perspective that is rooted in the colonial history of the Indian Subcontinent, @mjdawar recounts the challenges, motivations and hopes of the Pashtun Tahafuz Movement with its wide and inter-generational mobilization.

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Let’s be truthful... the most, not all... #Kabul #COVID19

Let’s be truthful... the most, not all... #Kabul #COVID19

I am going to start a collection of hand sanitizer labels in #Kabul

We @project_polis just reached 10k followers, thank you all for your continuing support! What a head spinning exciting journey this is — THANK YOU!

Once you eat apricots in #Kabul, apricots anywhere else in the world will pale in comparison.

A new #podcast @project_polis - Silence does not guarantee safety: “Consistent resistance” and the peaceful struggle for equality of the #Pashtun Tahafuz Movement with @mjdawar -

Over the past year @project_polis we have followed very closely the multi-faceted consequences of the siege in #Kashmir in the perspective of the larger Indian colonial project. I am compiling our reading list in the following thread.

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Haunting images from Beirut captured by @LorenzoTug for @washingtonpost.

Haunting images from Beirut captured by @LorenzoTug for @washingtonpost.

2020 - the apocalypse is now.

The sacrosanct right of self-determination. This is the tweet. #Kashmir

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I & ice cream @ dal

I & ice cream @ dal

Touring journalists (what an abused word...) eat ice cream while the population is under curfew #Kashmir

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