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We looked inside some of the tweets by @LATrumpeter and here's what we found interesting.

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If you cancel your 4th of July plans just because a Democrat tyrant told you to, you’re missing the entire point of Independence Day.

Conservative Lauren Boebert Unseats Five-Term Republican Scott Tipton via @BreitbartNews

Quoted @realDonaldTrump


You truly are and it’s why America loves and appreciates you!

BAD BOY BRENNAN! HUGE! Per His Lawyer -FLYNN TARGETED - "He Knew About the BILLIONS Brennan and Co. Were Running Off the Books” via @gatewaypundit He was PRIMARY TARGET for DEEP STATE and had to be SILENCED! HE WAS GOING TO AUDIT THE INTEL AGENCIES!

New York: In the last 24 hours 4 people died from Coronvirus and 19 died from gunshot wounds. Are we supposed to wear masks or bullet proof vests?

Quoted @KimStrassel

Wow. Biden comes out of basement and agrees to finally answer a question or two. Our intrepid press corps uses the moment to ask him to explain, over and over, just how awesome he'll be.

He knew the questions and still couldn’t answer them. Lamestream Media being laughed at all over the world!

Baby Lives Matter.

The enemy of my President is my enemy.

Tucker has been hitting it out of the park because he does monologues like someone who knows that tv is fleeting and fickle, do the best you can while you can- That’s why his impact is so strong. He leaves it all out on the field, every night, come what may It’s quite a sight

The silent majority must stop being silent.

At the request of many great Americans who live in the Suburbs, and others, I am studying the AFFH housing regulation that is having a devastating impact on these once thriving Suburban areas. Corrupt Joe Biden wants to make them MUCH WORSE. Not fair to homeowners, I may END!

Tucker Carlson officially has the highest rated show in cable news history!

Black Lives Matter mob shouts “eat the rich” as they march down a residential area in Beverly Hills. They’re coming for your homes.

Officer on scene confirmed the suspect was hiding on top of a roof, suspect now in custody, unknown what he was wanted for, but a peaceful surrender.

Huston and Lennox Avenue. Suspect(s) look to be barricaded inside house, dozens of LAPD on scene. #policechase #police #shermanoaks #lapd

COMMUNITY ALERT: West La Division Officers have a suspect at Sherman oaks hospital who fled, which prompted a foot pursuit officers have the suspect contained in a perimeter at Van Nuys / riverside / Huston / Tyrone. Our K9 is enroute to help locate the suspect, Van Nuys and West

Quoted @LATACO

Natives just tore down the statue of Junipero Serra at Placita Olvera in solidarity with #BLMprotest #antiracism #antislavery

Dreadful! History is important.

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