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Made in Germany, German Pinay, Ninja, Daddy's Girl, Wanna be Lawyer,Talak Queen, Instagram: krapfhelga

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Wala akong TV shet! Hahaha “@mellyricks09: Ang taray ni @mor1019jhaiho bestfriend ni Claudia sa #PangakoSaYo 👏 go go go #DjJhaihoAsCoring 🙌”

Never fails. Wearing stylestaple for Amelie's first playdate event with other Celebrity mommies and… https://t.co/krApYu8Fi0

Milk Drunk. ❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/Uk5eYLP9va

Exactly a week ago, this precious little girl was brought into this World and she's given us nothing… https://t.co/kXJ3fLBCi0

Good Morning... 🙏🙏🙏 https://t.co/VGqXQsrv7K

These Cool Mommas are celebrating their birthdays today. Happy happy Birthday to both of you, kayo… https://t.co/9RSwEWGCvO

Promised myself to get back in shape before my little one turns One year old. Can't say "balik… https://t.co/z1ZbsgUCze

When your tummy looks like a Lemon or a Navel Orange... Good Morning from me and my mini me who's… https://t.co/XWh3d8iGQA

Our pretty dessert table set up by sweet_invites , their first project and it looked amazing already.… https://t.co/Lxrdg1JNJ9

Good Morning ❤️❤️❤️ http://t.co/65NKSvlTs4

Happy Valentine's Day 😉 http://t.co/ylI8yy82r1

Was using it and suddenly this happened, also have trouble with its battery life, I charge 3x a day.… http://t.co/c2L0upYC3F

I may have drowned a bit along the way, but I am strong enough to carry others while trying to survive… http://t.co/tAXN1Ed4Lr

Hang in there... ❤️😚 http://t.co/SIHfdYfsu9

Hoping everyone's safe. Praying for the rain to stop and floods to subside. 🙏🙏🙏 http://t.co/F7YidfUc40

Enchanted forest feel... Dress by stylestaple ❤️👑💃🍂🍁 http://t.co/pUvpXUSxWc

The Autumn/Winter Collection has arrived. #MysticalPandora #PixRepublic #Pandora 💍💎🍁🍂❄️ http://t.co/RlSuub76E7

Just posted a photo http://t.co/rtMW04yPcA

What I dreamt about last night. 😭😭😭 Its a sign, I must. 🏄🌊☀️🌅 #stoked #Stokedforlife… http://t.co/ykCuBKkqgJ

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