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Kooness Team interviewed @MuseumModernArt MoMA curator Paola Antonelli. We took the chance to get to know a little bit more about her past as well as an insight on her latest exposition at the @triennalemilano || @curiousoctopus https://t.co/IBQxsWruXJ

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Rossella Farinotti in dialogue with Diego Bergamaschi. Check it out! >>> https://t.co/0Mv7lA285k

Discover more about the 16th #Istanbul #Biennial, the most comprehensive international Turkish Art Exhibition... @iksv_istanbul #iksv https://t.co/0nUmZ4IV11

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MeetMe#10 | Interview with Raffaella Cortese (Raffaella Cortese Gallery), Nadia Gerazouni (THE BREEDER), and Paolo Zani (Zero...) Check it out! #artbasel >>> https://t.co/TvflsEMbaV

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Until 2018 it was Peter Bläuer who directed @LISTE_office, one of the most important fairs of the Basel Art Week. In 2019, Joanna Kamm is taking his place. Discover more about new director's vision of LISTE on #Kooness! #artbasel2019 https://t.co/iL5kxSmxKp

Kooness is revealing more about this year's @PhotoBasel is its director, Sven Eisenhut! https://t.co/tN84z5GuE1

"Here we are, with another focus on the "must see" at this #artbasel week. (...) its time to snoop on the Rudolf Stingel solo show at #FondationBeyeler. " @KoonessOfficial https://t.co/WHyU1HX5IR #BeyelerStingel

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Revealing more about this year's @VOLTAshow is its longtime director, Amanda Coulson! https://t.co/pYtAN2Eb0b

While Prada is studying the next move inside the beautiful rooms of Cà Corner della Regina, Pinault is ready to counter by placing its forces between Palazzo Grassi and Punta della Dogana. So, who's gonna win? #venicebiennale https://t.co/0jMd3VOVO4

Kooness is committed to sourcing quality #artworks in the globe and offers art enthusiasts and collectors a one-stop resource for those interested in discovering and acquiring contemporary art pieces from top #emergingartists. https://t.co/sVtrh3W27a

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