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We looked inside some of the tweets by @kickstarter and here's what we found interesting.

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Writer Scott Snyder (@Ssnyder1835), creator of “Nocterra”, on running crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter, working in prose, and what to expect from his upcoming book. (via @comicsbeat)

“I don’t care about staying at the top.” Musician Tricky (@KnowleWestboy) spoke with @LiorPhillips about discovering the real reason for making music, lacking confidence off-stage, and the importance of maintaining independence. (via @thecreativeindp)

⸨🔹⸩ ⸨🔹⸩⸨🔹⸩ ⸨🔹⸩⸨🔹⸩⸨🔹⸩ ⸨🔹⸩⸨🔹⸩⸨🔹⸩⸨🔹⸩ "I pushed myself because no one else was going to do it for me." — Emma Kohlmann ⸨🔹⸩⸨🔹⸩⸨🔹⸩⸨🔹⸩ ⸨🔹⸩⸨🔹⸩⸨🔹⸩ ⸨🔹⸩⸨🔹⸩ ⸨🔹⸩

For the organizations and artists behind the latest incarnation of The Wide Awakes, building a better future for the United States will take more than raising awareness. #WideAwakes (via @Dazed)

Here's a quick look at the moon over the sea, with a few glowing plants too. Only two weeks left on Kickstarter now! #Kickstarter #indiegame #gaming #gamedev #pixelart #fox

This public artist and Kickstarter creator hopes to take his portrait of the president of the United States consisting of 2,020 metal dildos on a national tour. (via @hyperallergic)

Comics artist and Kickstarter creator Brian Stelfreeze (@Stelfreeze) shares insight into his life and influences in this interview for @Polygon.

"The idea of shopping your way out of monopoly capitalism is like recycling your way out of climate change. Don’t stop recycling, but don’t kid yourself that that’s where the work has to end." @doctorow talks about writing and the future @thecreativeindp

A new collective based on the same cultural movement that mobilized against slavery—and for Abraham Lincoln—urges us to radically reimagine the future, one nationwide civic action at a time. #WideAwakes (via @nytimes)

Today on @Kickstarter, we join the largest collaboration of cultural leaders in U.S. history with nationwide civic actions before and after the 2020 election. And we need your help to bring these projects to life:

Leading social justice organizations—including @amplifierart, @forfreedoms, @INationsNetwork—team up with artists like @OBEYGIANT, @hankwthomas, and @joseparlastudio to host a series of nationwide civic actions around the 2020 U.S. election. #WideAwakes

Artist and Kickstarter creator Kambui Olujimi is just one of the artists whose works will be available for download in @votedotorg’s digital library of voting advocacy visuals. (via @hyperallergic)

⚫ ⬤ ⬤⚫● ● “I’m not motivated by houses and cars. I understand you make money for your children’s future, but you don’t need $40 million for that.” — @KnowleWestboy ● ● ⚫ ⬤ ⚫●

The @moment team is back on Kickstarter to bring you a line of bags for the new workplace: backpacks, totes, and organizers for working anywhere and traveling everywhere. (via @coolhunting)

“Don’t wait for somebody else, just do it on your own.” Writer and artist @mattkindt spoke with @rebeccahiscott about when he first realized he could make a career out of making comics in this interview for @thecreativeindp.

To support the @USPS, @boazf and @brooke_rene came up with "Snail Mail Party," a collaborative zine project that will include pre-stamped postcards inviting subscribers to send in their own creative work to help shape future issues. (via @skillshare)

"You know what they say, that when you have a job you love, you don't work a single day of your life? That's bullshit. You work harder and you do things that you don't want to do, but you have to." — @noeliatowers (via @thecreativeindp)

Writer and activist Cory Doctorow (@doctorow)’s Kickstarter campaign aims to show the publishing world that readers are willing to buy books without enriching a monopolist. (via @BoingBoing)

“Art is intrinsically political.” — LaToya Ruby Frazier (via @thecreativeindp)

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