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We looked inside some of the tweets by @KevinDeepak3 and here's what we found interesting.

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Who tf is the target audience for this? https://t.co/BChjqOIKyJ

Who tf is the target audience for this? https://t.co/BChjqOIKyJ

I’m gonna be slightly miffed if I wake up tmmrw 😅

LMFAO Lil pump is a trump supporter😭 how you finna have t massive fall off AND be a trump supporter

Lol I woke up again lmao I’m not mad about it rofl

Don’t let that time go wasted.

Fingers crossed i don’t wake up tmmrw

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This is soothing as hell lol https://t.co/6tkff4rImv

This shit got me relaxed as hell https://t.co/iTFvde6qca

Woke up again today. Hoping for better luck tomorrow

swear if i wake up one more fuckin time

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Holy shit uninstalling. cant handle yall anymore https://t.co/OxZobuA1HP

Fr bruh I can’t believe they’d actually post shit like this https://t.co/runhpHgSVN

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bruh niggas is wildin on this app wtf is wrong with yall https://t.co/6UmHXlKgRC

I’m deleting the app this is too much https://t.co/7QYKk5flTA

Life is just like biriyani except you can’t take the bad stuff out

god i am NOT yo strongest soldier keep testin me and i will be seeing you soon

I just be wantin hugs fr

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Shawwwtyy badder than a 3yr old.

?????? https://t.co/uqbYZ6ky4T

currently: looking for an opportunity to ruin her life

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100 Resets in 5 Seconds Infinite Scroll Wheel (Free Spinning) https://t.co/LKhEpJDAl1

100 reasons you’re 5 years old https://t.co/XHSaAQtMPK

Ελληνικά κάποια πραγματικά σκατά που δεν θα καταλάβατε 🥱

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