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The comment section of a YouTube tutorial on how to fold a fitted sheet.

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The nurse at my appointment told me today was her birthday and I said, “Oh great! Today is actually the two year anniversary of my dad’s death.” So that’s what the quar has done to my ability to relate to actual humans. Happy Birthday, Carolann. Sorry.

How do you pre-order a book that hasn’t been written? @FLOTUS’s post-presidency, post-divorce, tell-all is going to fly off the shelves. Any guesses on the title?

The New One by @birbigs and @PoetryCrush has destroyed me in the best way. I cried, I laughed, cried some more, felt seen, felt connected to Earth (HTRAE) & humanity & myself. How wonderful it feels to read this work by two beautiful, messy, authentic humans. #buylocal

Raise your hand if you find yourself rewatching season 2, episode 5 of @fleabag just to remember you’re alive.

I HAVE to stop googling, “Why am I so fat?” Like, it’s not some mysterious disease or disorder. But also, it might be Satan or a curse or something. I’ll research it.

If @chrissyteigen and @johnlegend hadn’t made up in the Wild video, I would have burnt it all to the ground. Can we all agree that we need more videos of them making out and frolicking in the sand?

I’m a big feeler/depressive so every time something bad happens, I think, “someday, I’ll look back on this catastrophe and wish this was all I had to deal with.” So like, what I’m trying to say is, things could ALWAYS be worse. L O L. https://t.co/q1GscAnfiY

You can say, “good morning,” to any stranger, but you should never say, “good day,” or “good evening,” unless you’re planning on murdering them.

“In the middle of a pandemic. On your dime. They’re selling beans!” https://t.co/GlPiR2ga8y

Because I have nothing better to do, I have to let @CDCgov know that they have an error on their website. I’m so annoying, but also, I need the CDC to not have errors on their website. https://t.co/1PKFQlyU9L

Because I have nothing better to do, I have to let @CDCgov know that they have an error on their website. I’m so annoying, but also, I need the CDC to not have errors on their website. https://t.co/1PKFQlyU9L

6 MINUTE UPDATE: They unified and are now back and both mad at me. My son said he can’t be left alone because he has, “reckless [sic] leg syndrome.” Nothing matters anymore.

I’ve been a parent for almost a decade and today was the first time I realized I can just send my kids to their rooms. Like, I always try to mediate and today I just said, “go to your rooms,” and they did it. They aren’t fighting, I’m alone. Why haven’t I been doing this?

All day I’ve had the Ace of Base song, “All That She Wants,” stuck in my head, but just the lyric, “she leads a lonely life...” I’ll let you figure out how the stay-at-home order is going for me. 🙃

Silver lining: he is not eating the boogers.

My kid was done with an assignment so it was my turn to work. I went through 78 emails, but it kept showing 1 more and no matter what I did I couldn't find the unread email. I just realized he left a booger on my screen that I thought was an email notification. #Homeschooling

What I’ve learned from looking for a new home is that there a lot of people who thought, “you know what this house needs? Fluorescent lights and a wine barrel for a table.”

It was an unfortunate necessity. Still, my skeleton is running around the house and my skin suit is in a pile on the floor and my family is just stepping over it while they grab snacks from the kitchen and no one has noticed I’m dead.

I’m on a Zoom call and we are having a meeting about Zoom and Teams. Literally we are just talking about those platforms. I think my soul has escaped my body and it rocketing into the sun.

Man, every time is see someone using #youngliving #essentialoils, I just feel like I need to remind my four followers that the founder drowned his newborn infant in a bathtub because of pseudoscience. So. There’s that.

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