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I believe in unicorns and dragons; one nation under God; and the right to life. I believe there is no such thing as MY truth and YOUR truth, but only TRUTH.

Joined on May 29, 2010

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Christian Fantasy Collection Giveaway #giveaway #win #fantasy https://t.co/r3i2Ngz0jA

5 of 5 stars to American Sniper by Chris Kyle https://t.co/RAbNEeAB6M

Win this beautiful Prince of Peace Statue! https://t.co/L7E35ea20A

Never forget 9/11. Never forget that so long as America remains true to herself, America’s enemies are enemies of freedom. Never forget that America is worth defending.

A lovely Saturday with some writing, revising, and watching my hummingbirds aggressively fighting with chickadees and Steller's jays. Also, this new phone has a remarkable zoom! . . . #writing #revising #saturday… https://t.co/Rw9fLfslMg

Did some lovely things this summer. I went to the beach, hiked, went camping, and watched hummingbirds. . . . #beach #swimming #writing #camping #hiking #shirleycanyon #hummingbird… https://t.co/cPFCVgDkur

This machine is jarring the teeth from my head. . . . #whatisthat #stahp #construction #loud #wow #icanteven https://t.co/sP3uMk1ZTW

Happy Fourth! I haven't made a post in eons, but the Fourth of July always gives me a hugely glowy sense of pride. I adore this country. 'MURICA!!!!! . . . #fourthofjuly #america… https://t.co/uA2C6y4K4Y

RT if you believe ENGLISH should be the official language of the United States

LifePetitions - Petitions for a Culture of Life https://t.co/n1hapHOxDz

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