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ugh so pretty 🥵 https://t.co/BQrkJKsRRV

Quoted @TheOfficial_Jae

Sleeping naked is SOOO COMFORTABLE 😌

& with your partner 🥵 https://t.co/cRNZohAusX

We’re actually too old for inconsistencies in friendships and relationships. Come correct or go man

Y’all better start making mfs realize it’s a privilege to be fucking with you.

Quoted @J_Calderon23

I want a girl who gone pull up with her homegirls and jump me. @KarlaLamprea 🥰

you’re signing your death sentence with this tweet 🥳 https://t.co/ksYE4SJuJW

I have a crush on myself 🥴

don’t be a teacher for LITTLE kids if you don’t got the patience for it. i’ll real life smack a teacher right now.

Quoted @J_Calderon23

My girl ready to pop my nephews teacher 😂 the hell wrong with her 😂

why he wildin for?? they are 9 years old kids. buggin. BIG TIME. nah. nope. https://t.co/bWtk153tdU

Quoted @Alexserpaa

Y’all really gotta stop believing what other people tell you all the time. More than half the time they just hating and telling you false shit

preach sis preach https://t.co/PTzTq3I95e

@KarlaLamprea Honking is overrated 😂

i’ve been craving fried calamari since yesterday..

it’s really hard for me to give up on people. i try & i try & i try till i genuinely feel it in my bones that i can’t anymore.

Not everyone has the same intentions as you. Can’t take it personal.

getting mad at your hair is a whole different kind of angry.

Good morning to my future wife only

Hate being lied to bc I’m not even the type you gotta lie to

a lover who helps you unlock beautiful new layers to yourself. one who doesn’t try to erase parts of your essence so they can color in their own. one who doesn’t take away from who you are but supports your metamorphosis through all of your phases. you deserve that.

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