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We looked inside some of the tweets by @KairosRTP and here's what we found interesting.

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Hi! If you are disabled, sick, and/or parenting young children, there are lots of people out there who will make you feel like your activism isn't enough, isn't effective, isn't meaningful. They are wrong. 1/

Last week, i had my students respond anonymously to the prompt "Things You Wish Your Professors Knew." With their permission, paraphrasing the responses:

Have you read or engaged with a recent digital text or tool? @KairosRTP wants to hear about it! @litastarr and I are updating the reviews call and want to hear about recent texts or technologies that should be included in our call! Please retweet and share widely!

9 days ago

Make sure to celebrate the freedom to read during #BannedBooksWeek and every other week of the year. #NCTEchat

Like technical debt, #EthicalDebt is the unpaid cost of future "bugs" that aren't fixed during technology design--but those bugs are harms to individuals or society. @LifeofNoods and I wrote about this concept for @WIRED, with zoombombing as a case study. https://t.co/oUUbAvyJEZ

Does your institution have guidelines for the max # of dissertation/grad committees faculty at different ranks should serve on as director/member? Or, do you have a sense of what is a reasonable #? We are having this conversation in my program and I could use some perspective...

Please spread the word! Mentoring session for international students of color in technical communication. Thurs 10/1, 1-3pm EST. Keynote @josie_walwema Free and all are welcome. Sign up https://t.co/Fav75qFeif https://t.co/lH6Vk5rxls

Please spread the word! Mentoring session for international students of color in technical communication. Thurs 10/1, 1-3pm EST. Keynote @josie_walwema Free and all are welcome. Sign up https://t.co/Fav75qFeif https://t.co/lH6Vk5rxls

A project born out of love, vulnerability, and necessity. Check it out and consider submitting! Thanks to @ChengStahl and @lugollerena for laboring with me and committing to #publicpedagogy2020. https://t.co/a76CfkT6PJ, mobilized during @ReimagineEdTC

We're excited to announce the formation of a nextGEN Special Committee for CCCC! Read more here: https://t.co/r9VD7kwbOY

The complete text of my book, Design Justice: Community-Led Practices to Build the Worlds We Need, is now freely available online at https://t.co/4LPru7SX2B! If you like it, please do: - buy a copy from an indy bookstore - write a review somewhere online - add to syllabi ty!

@schock Awesome!! @LitaStarr and @Mqtjuiced, we should add this to the @KairosRTP reviews list!

Y'all wanna know what Critical Race Theory is? Here's what it is...complete with works cited for further reading. This ban is no joke, I'm here to answer questions. https://t.co/IseCBwfrou

Quoted @katierandall

BIPOC #teamrhetoric folks: If you need a break from teaching, I will gladly moderate one of your undergrad class sessions (video guest lecture/facilitate discussion/write a Canvas module/etc). DM me!

Always full of love and appreciation for collective care models like this, that sustain the disenfranchised and overburdened folks in our community through actions with immediately felt material effects. ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 https://t.co/MWZHth5bGB

Quoted @dorothykchan

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT 🀍: It's my pride and joy to unveil @HoneyLiterary to the world. Remember earlier this summer when I announced I'd be starting an all BIWOC-run lit mag? Well, here she is. And she's beautiful: https://t.co/7uFkcITmxO 🍯🐝 (1)

Congrats to a great colleague on an important new thing!! https://t.co/lkTMdx7xPd

Our newest issue, 25.1, focusing on #dataviz is now available. https://t.co/JJKylHEPbo. Danielle DeVoss and John Gallagher @MereSophistry served as guest editors for this issue. We'll be sharing direct article links throughout the week.

Academic Twitter friends who’ve been faculty for some time: What’re some things you wish you knew your first semester on the job that might have changed or supported the way you do things now? #womenintc #teamrhetoric #AcademicTwitter

Quoted @SweetlandDRC

Allison also talks about transferring dissertation research into the work she does as Senior Lecturer, offering ways such work can take place in a job talk. Some of the resources mentioned in this episode include HigherEdJobs, Academic Jobs Online, and Jim Ridolfo’s Rhet Map!

This is a fantastic series for people going on the job market. Thanks to @nupoorwriting and @willflowers for the last nine episodes of this show. Re below: I do want to 2nd what @AllisonHutchiso says here - rhetmap is not a comprehensive site for all jobs, especially 1/2 https://t.co/cVK7o1NoIa

For anyone who needs to hear this: I haven’t started writing my fall syllabi. You’re not alone. The paralysis is real. #Fall2020 #truststudents

Any #disability studies or #disabled folks out there have ideas about making Canva (the design program) products or documents more accessible? I have a feeling it doesn't tag headers and accessibility features of that nature. I'm not finding anything in my own searches.

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