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24 days ago

Accepting a few more clients let me know if you are down to work. Dm me ASAP. https://t.co/8M0nQvQGK5

a month ago

If your in south FL and need a trainer let me know. My personal gym is open and ready to go !!! https://t.co/0n55Ks63mv

2 months ago

Never left the grind https://t.co/8z3ISUyDiK

2 years ago
Live life and smile yaw https://t.co/akU7EQ7lbN

Live life and smile yaw https://t.co/akU7EQ7lbN

2 years ago

#PlayersOnly SHAQ: IF HE DIES HE DIES RIP I.T hahahaha https://t.co/lObebdHZ1Z

Look at Justise recruiting https://t.co/RS8yEIfDB6

Quoted @TMZ

Pat Riley Says LeBron James is No Magic Johnson in the NBA Finals Yet (VIDEO) https://t.co/nq63t6Pazw

Riles! https://t.co/B7ETDTe6wG

He's still calibrating, everyone https://t.co/PyHWsXNce5

He's still calibrating, everyone https://t.co/PyHWsXNce5

They done woke him up

Bulls win means Heat are 8th seed because of three-way tie-breaker. Tomorrow is big: Nuggets/Heat Bulls/Pelicans Pacers/Cavs

Um, Mr. Lavar Bell..i DID try and tell ya. I most certainly did. You cut checks your son couldn't cash. I did warn you sir. I really did.

Thanks to all of you for watching ColdPizza/FirstTake the last 12 years. I love you all, even when you don't love what I just said.

4 years ago

Salute to my brother @KingJames .. 3x Champion!!! #Brotherhood

How lucky is LeBron James that Hassan Whiteside and Chris Bosh aren't able to able to play for a rejuvenated DWade's Heat?

Dragic: "Justise, he was spacing the floor, and it allowed us to attack. Justise did an amazing job."

Josh Richardson sees Justise Winslow on way out.... "Good night, center."

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