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ADHD (link below)

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Outside Wit It‼️🌎 It don’t make you tuff because you got a gun cus you could die wit it.

My artist @king_osf just dropped a new joint. Make sure you watch the whole video. #justiceforgeorgefloyd

That @ChickfilA lemonade hit different. Better than any fast food lemonade ever. Don’t @ me

🐐 #will out now! (link in bio)

Last night I cried in the shower. 🤷🏽‍♂️I admit it. #will

Told you when I get on imma make sure you good @Izwhatmynameb 🔥🔥Its your turn - Issa Vibe

This quarantine is hitting a lot of signed artists hard. Cuz if you not established and your signed then your not seeing no streaming and sales til that money is paid bak. So cats gotta survive off that small advance. By now its gone. No tour money rn? Glad that aint me nomore💰

Somebody said I’m bout to make a song from the perspective of the caronavirus. 🤣 you niggaz ain’t shit

The irony of this whole situation is where the name “Tully” came from. I had a substitute school teacher named “Robert Tully” who had it out for me & literally failed me every semester he was teaching. Lol because I’m petty I decided to name my app “Tully” 🤷🏽‍♂️🤣💰💰💰💰hi Robert

Exclusive: @JoynerLucas’ Tully app has received an investment from @sonymusic Entertainment to help take their user experience to the next level

Will Smith finally has a chance to thank @JoynerLucas for his #Will tribute video

.@JoynerLucas' 'ADHD' debuts at No. 10 on this week's #Billboard200.

Going live on my Youtube channel at 3pm est. #youtubelive @youtubemusic #stayhome and listen to #adhd

Going live on my Youtube channel at 3pm est. #youtubelive @youtubemusic #stayhome and listen to #adhd

Congrats to my boy @joynerlucas!! New project #ADHD is OUT NOW!! Happy for you & Proud of you G!! Will video is dope like i thought it would be, cuz all your visuals show how creative you are. Stay Real‼️ & P.S. I…

🚨 @JoynerLucas has finally dropped #ADHD 🚨 Play now on YouTube Music →

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