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Chair, Dept of Molecular Virology and Microbiology; Dir, Alkek Center for Metagenomics and Microbiome Research, Baylor College of Medicine; Opinions are my own

Houston, TX
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Quoted @Radarmc2021

#askreuters why is the vaccine being offered to public first rather then doctors and healthcare workers? surely we should be top priority as we have to work regardless of a virus

Admittedly, I am not up to speed on how the UK and other countries have handled their vaccine rollouts. But, I agree--the most vulnerable and most exposed should be prioritized. That has been the basis of the US strategy to this point in time. #askreuters

Quoted @woodlandsmfm

@JosephPetrosino And happy birthday!!🎂

Thank you!

Quoted @woodlandsmfm

@JosephPetrosino @AviationGin @VancityReynolds Y’all have raised that kid right! And your next parenting lesson will be about sharing with your (21+) friends.

Of course!

Quoted @jaketapper

Whoever in DC is in charge of this National-Guard-sleeping-in-a-Senate-parking-lot mess, please get in touch with me; folks with connections to empty hotel rooms are also contacting me

Given how much taxpayer money has gone there already, can we put them up at Trump’s hotel down the street?

Quoted @John_Tedesco

Elected officials who oversee the Montgomery County Hospital District are spreading misinformation about COVID-19 and contradicting the advice of their own health experts: #hounews #coronavirus

These types of "conflicts of conscience" can and should be addressed by institutional regulatory committees, though often are not. Jeopardizing public health in this manner is what is at stake. This is not a time for mixed messages. #Covid19vaccine @PeterHotez @megzmagpie

Quoted @LaurenYoung

@JosephPetrosino Thank you for continuing to answer #AskReuters questions!

Happy to help if I can!

Quoted @sjwhittleton

#AskReuters will the vaccine side effects affect breathing in those with asthma...or cause hives reaction in those with allergies that have reacted with a flu jab before?..asking as my son fits both categories and i want to be prepared

Data are being collected on the vaccine responses in children, hopefully those with asthma and similar allergic concerns will be included. Adults with known severe allergic reactions are advised to proceed with caution/under clinical supervision when being vaccinated.#AskReuters

Quoted @sudipashaw

#AskReuters #CovidVaccine cannot implement on below kids 12-18age? True or untrue @NishitDoshi144

Safety and efficacy tests are underway for children under 18. If successful, the CDC projects that vaccines will be available for that age group in the second half of 2021.#AskReuters

Quoted @SaidArchie

Is it possible to have a dose of one vaccine then a booster shot of another, or do you have to have the same vaccine twice? If you had a choice which vaccine would you choose? #AskReuters

In theory, vaccines involving the same target on the virus, e.g. the spike protein, could be given in a cross 1st/2nd dose approach. However, we have no safety data on that strategy, so it's not advised at this time. May change in the future--perhaps for a 3rd boost.#AskReuters

People sometimes ask me why the vaccine rollout hasn’t been as effective as it needs to be. There’s a list of reasons, but this article captures a significant part of the problem.

Quoted @copperleaves3

@Reuters @LaurenYoung @CarolineHumer #AskReuters How do these vaccines affect those whose immunities are in a state of overdrive, such as in refractory autoimmune disorders?

.@copperleaves3 People with hyper-active immune responses/severe allergies, are one category where the CDC/others have issued words of caution. If you have access to a clinician, it would be advisable to speak to them. If not, I would wait for more data before being vaccinated

Quoted @dorianjharris

@JosephPetrosino Thank you. To be clear, there is data which shows that #b117 is as severe or there’s no data to show either way as yet? Could it be less severe?

.@dorianjharris I haven't seen data suggesting one way or the other but, intuitively from what we know about the COVID related disease course and from hospitalizations, I would say that it it does not cause less severe outcomes at this time.

Quoted @dorianjharris

#AskReuters Is there any data on the severity of #b1117?

.@dorianjharris to date, the data suggest that #b1117 is more easily transmitted but doesn't not cause more severe disease. Masks, distancing, handwashing etc all still are good measures to reduce the risk of infection by this variant. #AskReuters

Quoted @Radarmc2021

When will the oxford vaccine become available? And how many vaccinations will be required? #AskReuters

.@Radarmc2021 The AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine was approved for EUA on Dec 30th. It requires two doses 4-12 weeks apart. #AskReuters

Quoted @DrivesMac

#AskReuters Q, The vaccine does not stop you catching or spreading covid-19. True or false?

.@DrivesMac True for now. More data are needed to show whether or not vaccinated people can still carry the virus asymptomatically. For that reason, people who have been vaccinated should still wear masks, etc. for now. #AskReuters

Quoted @KevGoodchild

Do people who have had #Covid build immunity? If so should the known number be added to the amount of people who have been vaccinated to give a more positive outlook? #AskReuters

.@KevGoodchild People have very different responses to COVID. Some have minimal signs of long term protection following infection. We need to learn what a truly protective immune response looks like. Until then, we cannot assume everyone who had #COVID is protected. #AskReuters

Quoted @indylana

#AskReuters #askreutersif you've had covid and get the vaccine does that improve your odds of not contracting it?

.@indylana Yes, it will likely extend the immunity you may have after recovering from COVID. It may also fortify/strengthen your immune response to future exposures as well.#AskReuters

Quoted @GilmerHealthLaw

@JosephPetrosino Agree. Chronic underfunding for decades has been a huge issue. As we work on funding now (hopefully. And recognizing it'll still not be enough) what do you think we can do in the meantime to address patients' need for info?

That's the question being wrestled with daily. Direct access is a priority. The science needs to be communicated effectively. During the pandemic, experts appear routinely on various media outlets-this is needed at a community level, at places where there is equal access to info.

Quoted @GilmerHealthLaw

@Baba_Lilith @JosephPetrosino So the question becomes how do we get high quality info to patients (not just drs) so they can be engaged in their care? How do we connect pts like you with experts who may have more info recognizing you're doing the heavy lifting to care for yourself in an inadequate system?

Cannot underscore this point enough. Community awareness and communication is something we discuss constantly (even before COVID). Public health depts are underfunded and don't have the resources to provide the best and latest for many diseases. It requires a systemic overhaul.

Unfortunately, I've heard many stories like this... rheumatoid diseases can be difficult to diagnose. While more safety data are needed, based on how they work, and unless you have a known allergy to one of the vaccine components, you should be fine with either mRNA vaccine.

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