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Moar BOOMs: Durham and Huber! “Aspects of U.S. Attorney John Huber’s investigation into the Clinton Foundation have been assumed by U.S. Attorney John Durham as part of his review into the origins of the Russia probe, Fox News has learned.”

Quoted @cjtruth

BOOM! Rand Paul: I'm Sending Hunter Biden Report to DOJ for Criminal Referral

Git’r Done!

Knowledge is power. When tech companies censor information from the internet or the halls of "science" choose to push dogma over facts, they are taking your limitless God given potential directly away from you. We must not let them get away with their mind controlling agendas.

Quoted @Adam_Creighton

The US govt last week updated the survival rates (i.e., IF infected) for Covid19: 0-19 99.997% 20-49 99.98% 50-69 99.5% 70+ 94.6% Didn't see it reported much.

So I'm being forced to muzzle myself in public for basic necessities over a virus that I have a 99.98% chance of surviving IIIFFF I catch it. And of course, you wonder how legitimate the "official stats" are in the first place. Is this thing over yet?

Two things are going to happen up until election day: 1) The Deep State will give us more fake news against Trump and "conspiracies" than ever. 2) The White Hats will expose the bad actors with planned data disclosures. I tell you what, I'm excited for both! KEEP FIGHTING!

[9.23] Latest Attacks vs. 17 - Bad Day for Hunter Biden - DOJ's Section 230 Amendment

Quoted @ShelbyTalcott

A parked U-Haul was waiting for the crowd up the street. It contains supplies such as signs, shields, water etc. I’m not sure how people knew what it contained. Police are up ahead

How much is Soros paying for these rent-a-rioters?

ObamaGate is less than 1% of the crimes against humanity that the Deep State is involved in.

I say rip the band aid off - bring it all to light.

ObamaGate is less than 1% of the crimes against humanity that the Deep State is involved in. I say rip the band aid off - bring it all to light.

Attacks [barrage] by media signify we are OVER THE TARGET.

Quoted @TheJusticeDept

The Justice Department Unveils Proposed Section 230 Legislation on Behalf of the Administration


MaiL iN vOtInG iS SaFe aNd SeCuRe

Quoted @willsommer

Pro-Trump cable channel One America News is selling custom QAnon emojis, including one that claims JFK Jr. is still alive.

Will Sommer is such a pathetic little turd.

Somehow human/child trafficking keeps coming up in these investigations into the Democrats... but hot shit you’re a crazy QAnoning conspiracy nut bag if you mention that publicly at all.

I don't doubt that they've met on other occasions in secret for more than just a dinner.

I really don't like that NPR uses public tax monies to write such dumb shit like this.

Antarctic icebreaker ship makes a quick pit stop in San Francisco at pier 17 before heading south. Heh, funny.

Of course Julian Assange is a high suicide risk. But I'm not talking about the normal kind of suicide, I'm talking about the Epstein kind.

A new law in California now makes it a misdemeanor to spread what they call "misinformation" about voting by mail. Who is going to be the "authority" that determines what is "misinformation"? What other talk will they try to ban? DANGEROUS TERRITORY.

Quoted @kayleighmcenany

💥 “BREAKING: Hunter Biden Received Millions From Wife Of Ex-Moscow Mayor” “Paid Suspects Allegedly Tied To Trafficking,” “Had Contacts With Individuals Linked To Chinese Military, Senate Report Alleges”

They all pointed the finger at President Trump claiming he was the one meddling with Russia and Ukraine… meanwhile the whole time it was the Democrats. Define projection.

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