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“Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate. Only love can do that.” ~MLK

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Anyone Democrat feeling really confident right now should look at Florida’s early voting numbers. Republicans are having another huge day across the state.

Quoted @JDiamond1

Well, this is a new one. RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel just warned a crowd at Trump's Lansing, Michigan rally that Biden will pack the court AND nominate @HillaryClinton to the Supreme Court.

How funny. The Traveling GOP Freak Show takes a Twitter joke and turns it into a right-wing conspiracy plot.

27 October 1938 | Dutch Jewish girl Beppy Abrahamson was born in Amsterdam.

She was deported to #Auschwitz and murdered in a gas chamber.

27 October 1938 | Dutch Jewish girl Beppy Abrahamson was born in Amsterdam. She was deported to #Auschwitz and murdered in a gas chamber.

Consumer confidence slips in October as Americans turn less optimistic about future - MarketWatch

Quoted @jwpetersNYT

Best election-poker analogy I’ve heard, from a very serious Republican: A Trump win wouldn’t be an inside straight. It’d be like having a pair, turning in the rest of your cards and getting three of a kind. Cc: @JoeNBC

It can happen.

Quoted @mattklewis

This headline is probably more declarative than the column. But I suspect Biden will be pushed to the left if Dems win big.

Perhaps, but progressives in the Democratic primary left Biden for dead. It was Jim Clyburn and moderate Democrats who Biden owes his political success to moving forward.

Quoted @JudiciaryGOP

Amy Coney Barrett, confirmed. Happy Birthday, @HillaryClinton!

What a great birthday gift it will be next year for @HillaryClinton when she is one of the three new Supreme Court justices appointed through the Judiciary Reform Act of 2021. Thanks for the idea, guys. Only your colleagues’ thuggish behavior made it possible. #ReformTheCourt

How do we know Trump isn't getting anywhere near his '16 margins in MI, PA, etc.? Follow the money. Even *Republican* groups are seeing/releasing surveys showing Trump slipping badly in key MI/PA districts, and making spending decisions accordingly.

Quoted @ABCPolitics

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell: "Our Democratic colleagues keep repeating the word illegitimate as if repetition would make it true." "We're a constitutional republic. Legitimacy does not flow from their feelings."

Mitch, every word you say here will be true for Democrats whenever they control the Senate and White House. In our constitutional republic, that includes changing the size of the the Court as did Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln, and Grant.

We started as a 17-point underdog. Today, I'm honored to accept the endorsement of the oldest newspaper in South Carolina, @thestate. Change is coming, folks.

Quoted @DNCWarRoom

WATCH: Jared Kushner implies many Black Americans do not “want to be successful.”

“Trump can’t want them to be successful more than they want to be successful.” This is stunning to say about poor Black Americans coming from a guy who was born a multimillionaire and bought his way into Harvard.

Quoted @PoliticusSarah

This was Trump's epic meltdown on 60 Minutes and it was even worse than reported. Trump literally ran away because he didn't like the questions.

How many ways can one politician continue offending suburban women voters? Trump keeps breaking the world land speed in this unfortunate category. Did it again here.

From another time, in another Republican Party after we had balanced the budget 4 years in a row. @nwfdailynews Oct 31, 2000

From another time, in another Republican Party after we had balanced the budget 4 years in a row. @nwfdailynews Oct 31, 2000

Quoted @DWUhlfelderLaw

Florida passed New Jersey in reported COVID-19 deaths

Neither the president nor Florida’s governor seem to care. It is Florida seniors who pay the price for their ignorance and arrogance.

Quoted @postpolitics

White House signals defeat in pandemic as coronavirus outbreak roils Pence’s office

Today was the total and complete surrender of the White House to Covid-19. The End.

A great piece by @benyt here. I, too, spent years saying it was a good thing to eliminate gatekeeping. I, too, was deeply wrong. Media gatekeeping by moral, cultured, educated people is a a necessary pillar of a functioning democracy.

The ⁦@WSJ⁩ has shown great professionalism and independence through the Trump years. Their news reporters and editors remained focused on the truth: “Trump Had One Last Story to Sell. The Wall Street Journal Wouldn’t Buy It.”

“If your vote didn’t matter, they wouldn’t try so hard to take it from you” #VOTE

Quoted @jaynordlinger

People are tweeting about Ron Paul, and let me offer this: I can understand a dovish foreign policy or isolationism. I could never understand, however, Paul's repeated defenses of the Iranian regime. That was something that, as the rap song says, "made me go hmmmm." You know?

Or his blaming America for 9/11.

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