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Quoted @realDonaldTrump

We have narrowed the Presidential Nomination Acceptance Speech, to be delivered on the final night of the Convention (Thursday), to two locations - The Great Battlefield of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and the White House, Washington, D.C. We will announce the decision soon!

Trump's Gettysburg Address: "Four whores and seven NDAs ago..."

More proof that this law was never about national security. It was about crushing peaceful critics and silencing opposition voices.

Quoted @Gary_D_Cohn

The stock market continues to reflect big businesses increasing their market share during #COVID19. If a small business closes, a larger business fills the void. We need to contemplate what this means for Main Street USA going forward. Is this really the future we want?


.@POTUS - you are no Abe Lincoln so cross off doing your nominee acceptance speech at the Gettysburg battlefield. Besides which didn’t you dodge the draft?

Quoted @Yair_Rosenberg

The world is so crazy that Trump nominated an actual Nazi-sympathizer to be ambassador to Germany—literally a guy who rants about Muslim invaders and Jews in the government and media manipulating things for Israel—and it's not even a page 12 story.

Trump’s nominee to be ambassador to Germany is a raging racist and antisemite and fox news regular. There is no bottom.

"If you're a senior or have paid into Social Security and Medicare—watch out!" Sen. Chuck Schumer says, criticizing Pres. Trump for his plan to defer the payroll tax, claiming it is a "backdoor way of weakening Social Security and Medicare."

The fact that people are talking about looting instead of the young Black man shot by police in Chicago yesterday honestly helps explain why people are looting.

Look your ACC SEC and Big 10 friends dead in the face and say this, “If @HillaryClinton were President, we would be playing college football.”

Powerful derecho with 100 mph winds sweeps through Midwest, causing widespread property damage and leaving tens of thousands without power.

Quoted @Jim_Jordan

America needs college football.

America needs the USPS more.

➡️ Judge Amy Berman Jackson “rejected the Trump administration’s bid to entirely withhold communications from The New York Times on a hold placed on Ukrainian military aid.”

The president of the United States telling U.S. Jews that they need to “love Israel” more. Nothing to see here. Back to Ilhan Omar and the left...

Quoted @existentialfish

Bill Barr says that Trump "is an excellent executive" whose White House makes "well-vetted" decisions. He adds that that "I've never seen such energy. He's always working."

“I know why the Führer loves me. I appeal to his vanity.” - Hans Frank, Hitler’s lawyer and Minister of Justice.

Bristol Bay is no place for a mine — our administration decided that in 2014. We're only discussing it today because Donald Trump's EPA reversed course hours after a closed-door meeting with the mining company's CEO.

Only Trump could wreck the Post Office after 240+ years of efficiency

What kind of shithole President proposes tripling the postage rate right before a vote by mail election?

97,000 children tested positive for #COVID19 in 2 weeks as more schools plan to reopen! This is Serious! #Schools

In total, we have conservatively identified 25 actions by President Trump to undermine the Inspector General community since he took the oath of office.

#DisappointedNephew Trump cut off nephew’s medical care for cerebral palsy during dispute over inheritances

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