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NBA 165W 143L 53.6% +9.42U ROI +3.06% AvgLine -108 NBA #LoBag Official Pick GM5 East Conference Finals CelticsFQ-1(-120) *Odds available now at Bet365 @odds110

A's at Dodgers 9:40pmET. Beuhler off IL to test blister. Won't go deep and Dodgers used pen heavy yesterday. Fiers (6-2, 4.67era, 1.39whip) has been very good & 4-1 2.00era career vs Dodgers. Should have waited, got A's(+175) and now at (+190). @odds110 https://t.co/ohe2hH2mXZ

Brewers at Cardinals 8:15pmET. Kim (2-0, 1.59era, 0.97whip) struggled last out but threw 7 scoreless vs Brewers Sep14th. Corbin (4-0, 1.77era, 0.95whip) been lights out and Cards don't hit righties (.234ave .691ops) @nolly562 & I move on F5U4. @odds110 https://t.co/YIJTIkDJry

Orioles at Red Sox 7:30pmET. Sox go for 1st 4gm win streak of 2020. Perez (3-4, 3.88era, 1.26whip) been better than expected. Orioles ice cold vs lefties. Sox hitting but Cobb has good #'s vs them. @nolly562 and I on F5U5.5 & I'm on RedSoxF5-0.5. @odds110 https://t.co/AjgVfZ5wzN

Yankees at Blue Jays, 6:37pmET. I put a line through Ryu's poor #'s vs Yanks. Sample size is too small. Jays hit lefties (.266ave .767ops) harder than Yanks (.229avg .734ops) and I get the Jays ace Ryu (4-2, 3.00era, 1.17whip). BlueJaysF5(-110) @odds110 https://t.co/q8mVlrrpRg

White Sox at Indians, 6:10pmET. @nolly562 cashed on the F5U3.5 in this matchup yesterday and he's going back to the well with F5U4 here. I'm joining. Playoff atmosphere for Keuchel (6-2, 2.04era, 1.10whip) vs Plesac (4-2, 1.85era, 0.78whip) @odds110 https://t.co/px7UcsqG3W

Lakers vs Nuggets 9:00pmET. Nuggets believe in themselves. After GM3 loss Lebron said, "They played better than us, more aggressive than us through three quarters”. I expect LA to come out angry and attempt to seize control. LakersFQ-2.5(-105). @odds110 https://t.co/sZk6ZBuycm

Uab at South Alabama 7:30pmET. Beautiful night in Mobile. New QB's Lucero and Lovertich have weapons to help cause. Brown ready to run for UAB & S.Alabama has a trio of dangerous receivers. Didn't get why total went from 50.5 to 45.5. I'm on O46.5 @odds110 https://t.co/qZlLckdvNT

Official #LoBag MLB Addition ChiPitU9(-115) *Odds available now at Bet365 @odds110

Thursday 9/23 Betting With The Bag Picks @JimmyTheBag #MLB Cubs/Pirates F5 Un 5 WhiteSox/Indians F5 Un 4 Orioles/Red Sox F5 Un 5.5 Brewers/Cardinals F5 Un 4 #MakeUndersGreatAgain

@JimmyTheBag @odds110 Love that first quarter look my guy! Let’s cash it! #LakeShow #Leche

Official #LoBag Picks MLB ChiCleF5U4(-115) BlueJaysF5(-110) RedSoxF5-0.5(-120) BalBosU5.5(-125) MilStlF5U4(-115) A's(+175) NBA LakersFQ-2.5(-105) NCAAF UabSAlabamaO46.5(-110) *Odds available now at Bet365 @odds110

Betting with the Bag Thursday Show IS LIVE IN 2 MINUTES starring @nolly562. We are coming off a BIG WINNING day and WE WANT MORE. LETSGOOO @odds110 https://t.co/vJFuqscORs

Betting with the Bag Thursday Show pops off in 1 hour at 10amET on the @odds110 YouTube page OddsHQ. Coming off a 6W 1L +4.86U day. MLB, NBA, NFL, and NCAAF on today's card. @nolly562 joins us to keep the winners coming. LETSGOOO https://t.co/vJFuqscORs

Wed Sep 23rd, 6W 1L +4.86U @odds110 NBA 164W 143L 53.4% +8.42U ROI +2.74% AvgLine -108 Sep 23rd 1W 0L +1.00U NHL 131W 151L 46.5% +1.50U ROI +0.53% AvgLine +121 Sep 23rd 1W 0L +1.06U MLB 98W 103L 48.8% -19.32U ROI -9.61% AvgLine -111 Wed Sep 23rd 4W 1L +2.8U

Food4Thought. The 'under' is 9-5 following game that #Lakers allowed an opponent to shoot 54% or better in games played over L3 seasons.   @iksnizol420  @JimmyTheBag  @megan @_Noops @conormacpicks https://t.co/B6DXF07Hlh

Food4Thought. The 'under' is 9-5 following game that #Lakers allowed an opponent to shoot 54% or better in games played over L3 seasons. @iksnizol420 @JimmyTheBag @megan @_Noops @conormacpicks https://t.co/B6DXF07Hlh

We NEED more Nolly Knows! And we're going to get him. @nolly562 now on 'Betting with the Bag' every Wednesday and Thursday at 10amET. @odds110 https://t.co/MUv2RAGHFv

MLB #LoBag Official Pick OakLadF5U5(-115) *Have to re bet this due to the pitching change. Joe Kelly is now the opener for the Dodgers. I was hoping for a weaker Dodgers lineup after clinching yesterday, but I will still fire. Dodgers vs Lefties .244 .738ops. @odds110

Pitching change in LA. Joe Kelly going to open. Will be re betting it.

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