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Investment Banker - Ski Junkie - Live life with no regrets - It's good to be alive !!!

Joined on March 22, 2011

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Hummm .... seems like there's always two sides to a coin !!! https://t.co/Zu2L7lof6R

I'm currently watching the House Judiciary Committee with Barr and seeing that #GymJordan still doesn't have a suit jacket. Could someone please buy or donate a full business suit to this #dipshit for these hearings ??? LOL

For gold bugs ... Goldman Sachs says gold will surge another 20% and hit $2,300 in the next year, driven by rock-bottom interest rates. The bank previously projected that the safe-haven metal would touch $2,000 an ounce in the next 12 months.

Quoted @RexChapman

I’m crying...😂😭🤣 https://t.co/a2Uw7n7gae

LOL ...very catchy tune, I must say. https://t.co/gM2d2YNI93

Quoted @gtconway3d

Many successive generations of Americans will marvel at how someone as profoundly stupid as @realDonaldTrump could have been elected president of the United States. https://t.co/yUTJEUWREf

Wellllllllll .... I'd say we've got us a genius on our hands - many people are saying. Woman, Man, Camera, TV https://t.co/0edJW5JK5t

Quoted @joncoopertweets

Goddamn. THIS is how the Trump administration treats our sick soldiers in the field?? 🤬 https://t.co/KSTF7wSeis

Ouchhh ...that seems rather brutal and appalling. So much for covid being a hoax with near 4M cases and 150k dead. Law & Order president my ass !!! #TossTheTurdNov3rd https://t.co/czHiV2N6DB

Assemblée nationale du Québec: Rétablir le Régime d'épargne-actions du Québec - Signez la pétition ! https://t.co/xBd7F7vSyT via @CdnChange

Quoted @OzzieV3

@realDonaldTrump Retweet this every minute, every hour, every day until Trump is removed by the 25th or voted out of office: 80,000 new infections every day, almost 50,000,000 unemployed! 200,000 dead by Nov 3rd! https://t.co/XRRwanR4Ma

Hahaha ...this is pretty funny - the Lyin' King - Don Exotic. https://t.co/mlT5bbih22

Hahaha ... look at this unbecoming assh*le !!!  What a complete sad, incompetent and useless individual. 
#MoscowMitch  #COVIDIOTS https://t.co/vNGeZD0cwM

Hahaha ... look at this unbecoming assh*le !!! What a complete sad, incompetent and useless individual. #MoscowMitch #COVIDIOTS https://t.co/vNGeZD0cwM

Quoted @MysterySolvent

This clip of Chris Wallace interviewing Trump is hard to watch. Trump is mind numbingly dumb. https://t.co/AujX6pzQtF

Please @sarahcpr make this your next trump parody video - I just can't wait. Thank you for your very entertaining work. https://t.co/MFCqTqey4G

Ouchhhh ... that's a zinger. LOL. https://t.co/IuCPfDiFet

Quoted @AdamParkhomenko

lol worth another watch https://t.co/2RejyjCO9Q

Hahaha ... this is pretty sweet - even with the red hats !!! LOL #Boring #45 #ClusterTrump https://t.co/asauTSCIVY

This is brilliant and currently reflects the current situation at Scuderia Ferrari ...it's going to be a short-long season for the red team. https://t.co/wsYEUzmFCM

Quoted @nickicee

864511320 RT if you understand.

Brilliant !!! #TossTheTurdNov3rd https://t.co/wfHMy4lh0E

Quoted @BillKristol

In Donald Trump's America, Roger Stone is rewarded for lying and Lt. Col. Vindman is punished for telling the truth.

Sadly, how did America get to his point ??? The GOP is going to have lots of explaining to do on how it let trump become a true despot. https://t.co/CzO7KAWNYG

#Hannity ...why does Mark Levin always scream ??? What's wro f with that look ??? He looks and sounds like the neighborhood lunatic screaming at clouds !!! LOL.

Very well done @ProjectLincoln ...this will surely rattle the Orange One. I just love it. https://t.co/8M8wWxzKbO

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