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YA Author. Orchestral violinist. Words @Remingtonlitmag. Two agents asked for pages. A supportive author in the #WritingCommunity!

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#WritingCommunity Have you ever walked away from a #WIP? Did you lose interest in the subject or fall in love with a different story? Do you publish every story you write? I love my current story, but it’s not my first attempt at a debut. #amwriting #writerslife

The obsession grew until it could no longer be contained, a mental defect as thick as a #meldrop. Collective identity replaced the will to think as an individual. It was not safe to admit the truth. All one could do is pretend to be nobody. #satsplat #vss365

Authors are simultaneously like WHAT IF SOMEONE READS MY BOOK and WHAT IF NO ONE READS MY BOOK

#WritingCommunity Let’s get ready for the day with a morning #writerslift! Introduce yourself and your stories. Links and GIFs are welcome! 🥳✨ #Amwriting #writerlift

Once daylight disappeared from her secret abode, her #widdershins dance prevented the light from ever returning. Space, now separated from time, is filled with the magic of Nowhere. Her neighbor returns after a century away — no, not the good twin. #sunscribbles #vss365

#WritingCommunity Hi all! I tend to spend more time off Twitter these days due to anxiety. This is way later than I typically post, so I’m not sure if you’ll see it. For those of you who struggle with writing or self-esteem or something else, know that you’re not alone. #WIP

Skylar is intelligent, although it’s not what drives him during his gap year. He is loyal to his boyfriend who is going through a tough time with a mental health diagnosis. Skylar is loyal to his passion for music and stays true to his identity — even when he changes his career.

#WritingCommunity What is your main character’s best trait? Intelligence? Loyalty? Compassion? Physical strength? In what ways does this trait help your MC? My answer is in the comments! 😊 #amwriting #writerslife

#WritingCommunity Do you have any cross-genre elements in your novel? Romantic plot-lines in sci-fi? Scientific discussions in fantasy or YA? Does your novel reach many audiences or one particular age group? #amwriting #writerslife

#WritingCommunity What is the timeframe for your novel? A day? A month? 1,000 years? Do the seasons play a role in your story? How does the timeframe influence the plot? #Amwriting #writerslife

The #manifold ways to fail your characters 😰 1. Stop writing 2. Weak character arc 3. No research on their background 4. No unique traits 5. No purpose toward the plot 6. Resorting to stereotypes 7. Not taking the time to get to know them 8. Add to the list! #vss365 #amwriting

Novels crumble with the familiar #topology of setting: once readers catch onto the common places and time frame, new chapters become “business as usual.” Without ingenuity, excitement wanes. Give your readers a surprise with every chapter. #vss365 #SlapDashSat #amwriting

#WritingCommunity I’ve seen a lot of posts asking for links lately. Does anyone not have links? Are you working on your debut novel? What type of links for your writing do you have (or not)? Let’s celebrate new authors! ✨🥳 #amwriting #writerslife

#WritingCommunity I'm super excited to show you the amazing artwork I received from @peachbambii of my gorgeous character, Ty! Bringing him to life was a great way to keep up my spirits during a tough summer. Please RT and comment if you think he's cute!


#WritingCommunity I'm super excited to show you the amazing artwork I received from @peachbambii of my gorgeous character, Ty! Bringing him to life was a great way to keep up my spirits during a tough summer. Please RT and comment if you think he's cute! #amwriting #WritersCafe

#WritingCommunity Is your book a comedy or drama? Is the tone lighthearted or full of darkness? Happy or foreboding ending? Do you have characters that oppose the tone? I have some comic relief characters in a book filled with heavy experiences & grief. #Amwriting #WritersCafe

#WritingCommunity If you sent your MS to an editor, what would you want them to fix? Spelling and grammar? Plot holes and pacing? Character development? Genre-specific issues? #Amwriting #writerslife #WritersCafe

#WritingCommunity Do you ever get stuck in the writing process? What is the most difficult to overcome: an unfinished chapter, a character who seems off, endless editing, or waiting for that query response? How do you deal with it? #amwriting #writerslife

@BlueAndrews3 There’s beauty in possibilities. Also, great creative work always finds a way to get noticed no matter how small the following. It will flourish in time. But for people to believe in our work, we have to believe in it first. The greatest barrier to our dream is ourselves. ❤️

My WIP is currently around 30,000 words, and my goal is to end up around 70,000. I had a previous WIP that hit 90,000 words, but I wanted this story to be to the point yet beautifully written. My guess is that I will finish the first draft around next summer.

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