Jeff Mauro

Jeff Mauro



Host of Sandwich King & The Kitchen on Food Network/Amateur Bench Presser. Professional combiner of Meat, Cheese, Bread.

Elmwood Park, IL
Joined on March 25, 2009

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Today on an all new #TheKitchen Family Style I am making this crispy-edged beauty! Quite possibly the best burger I ever made. My Northwest-Indiana Style Smashed Burger, Inspired by one of my favs schoopshamburgersmc…

The 86’ Dodge Caravan is loaded up & we’re road tripping down memory lane on an all new episode of the #ComeOnOver Podcast! @emilyemauro and I are digging deep into the wonderful world of Mauro Family Vacations,…

Dey say, eat the rainbow.... @smauro1

It’s official! We are the “#1 New Podcast hosted by siblings” as voted on by at least 6 of my 9 Aunts. #ComeOnOver Podcast! Listen via the link In the bio! @emilyemauro Thanks to steve_amodio for the…

I take the legendary Caprese salad and give it a super simple refresh with my Charred Caprese Salad with Heirloom Tomatoes. Summer personified in a single bite...tomorrow on an all new #TheKitchen Family Style! 11a…

How to Kill CLOVER ft. The Sandwich King Jeff Mauro via @YouTube

What is this? Just the best thing I made all damn quarantine. No joke. Head over to (link in bio) to listen to the ALL NEW episode of #ComeOnOver - SANGWICHES - that’s right we talk about the above…

Heading in to the fourth with a splash. FYI, I can only hold this kid like a baby in the water or on the moon. lorenzoluccamauro @smauro1

Mornin’ #breakfastinbed lorenzoluccamauro @smauro1 #FloppyBacon (it’s what the kid likes...)

My beautiful wife’s first official “out!” @smauro1 crushed it! Not bad for a Registered Nurse from the neighborhood who never had any want whatsoever to ever ever be ON camera. #TheKitchen #FamilyStyle @foodnetwork

All NEW at-home #theKitchenFamilyStyle tomorrow! @foodnetwork 11a|10c I’m making my MacDaddy Mauro Boneless BBQ RIBurger & strawberry shortcake cupcakes! They are both soon-to-be legendary & easy dishes! Who’s IN!?!?

SuperQuizTime! * I am WHAT on top of a slice of WHAT?

Holding court since 78’! All new episode of the #ComeOnOver Podcast (link in BIO). * This week, we talk about that thing many of us are missing, ENTERTAINING, Hosting & throwing an all out eager. As always, I am…

Happy Fathers Day to Big Gus and all the Big Gus’ out there in your life! gus.mauro dmauro11 @emilyemauro frank.mauro.12

Today’s Meatz. Smoked 2 racks and a giant Gold Label Wagyu tenderloin from snakeriverfarms rubbed in my BlackPowder Rub. Head to for recipe!

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