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Works at the WSJ and tweets irregularly. Would like to talk to current and former FB employees via cell or Signal at (202) 480-4453.

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Woke up this morning thinking about how Facebook was unwilling to deplatform the Bajrang Dal, a militant Hindu organization, but was willing to take down the US President. As governments try to exert more power over platforms, they don’t always fail.

Quoted @Acosta

More stuff (appears to be Abe Lincoln bust) leaving the West Wing this afternoon.

More stuff (appears to be Abe Lincoln bust) leaving the West Wing this afternoon.

Hmm. People often ask me for examples of disinfo that spreads on the left and recommendations for how to spot it. This tweet is setting off my spidey sense here. No context. Speculation. Hedgy, but volatile. Feeds political outrage. Recommendation: avoid RTing until we learn more

Quoted @SarahNEmerson

NEW: MeWe has become the de facto app for rightwing movements and I've spent months documenting these communities on its platform. When I confronted MeWe's founder about this content, he asked: "Have you tried to moderate 15 million people?"

Both it and Parler wooed users with a near-absolutist free speech first message post-election. Nothing wrong with that approach — though it raised questions about adverse selection of a user base. The most inflammatory groups on FB were promoting an exodus to alt-platforms.

how Facebook's incentive system rewards people who post conspiracy theories:

how Facebook's incentive system rewards people who post conspiracy theories:

“THIS STORY HAS FUCKED UP MY LIFE”: On the day of the riot, retired Chicago firefighter David Quintavalle was 600 miles away, celebrating his wife’s birthday. But Twitter posts falsely identified him as a rioter involved in the killing of Brian Sitnick.

Important illustration of how the actions of hyperactive users can skew FB’s platform (in this case by enticing engagement-thirsty users)

I know I am not the first one to say this, but there are a lot of very well credentialed people in tech worrying what would happen if internet giants collectively de-platformed a group who isn't right wing, while totally erasing the fact that it already happened to sex workers.

Ominous metrics, "previously rolled back" emergency measures and requests for employee patience: Facebook's handling of the Capitol riot.

On the day of the Capitol storming, Amazon wrote Parler, flagging complaints of incitement that Parler responded it was dealing with. Amazon responded, "Please consider it resolved." It was not. w/ @JeffHorwitz via @WSJ

And yes, this means the United States Market will be under the company's "break glass" measures for the next couple of weeks. These are not generally used in stable democracies.

Facebook says it will remove all “Stop the Steal” content through inauguration

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Sheryl Sandberg says U.S. Capitol riot was not organized on Facebook

bookmarking this one

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Stripe Stops Processing Payments for Trump Campaign Website -

No longer dominos; it's the rube goldberg machine of deplatforming at this stage

Anyone who's in favor of the full deplatforming of Parler have evidence about Parler's moderation failures vs. other platforms? I haven't seen it -- just examples of bad content. I've seen just as bad survive being reported on FB and Twitter, platforms that recommend content.

Yup. Parler’s #1 again.

Quoted @BrandyZadrozny

Hey reporters trying to get up to speed on Parler. New paper from @iDRAMALab's got you covered with a data-driven look under the hood.

So Parler has content on it that appears in obvious violation of its rules against inciting violence. So do Facebook and Twitter — see the “2020 Civil War” FB group, which is still live. I haven’t seen solid information either before or after the deplatforming threats/actions.

Besides the obvious: Thinking how friends in Sri Lanka had told me how they begged Twitter & Facebook to act on accounts instigating ethnic cleansing but often couldn't even get any response and what a coincidence everyone acts one day after Democrats get a legislative trifecta.

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