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8 months ago

oh boy ever spill a little bit of your coffee and realize the thread you are hanging on by is actually quite thin

How is everyone doing. I’ll go first im doing bad

If Twitter was an actual place, WTFFFFFFF

5 months ago

turtles are so dumb lmao

Turned my Galaxy s7 Alarm into a sick beat. I put @MCNorad acapella on it and man it's a 🔥 BANGER

Would love to hear a chill rapper on this beat

7 months ago

people in 2000: in 20 years we’ll have flying cars people in 2020: in 20 years we’ll be dead

Anyone looking for a fat trumpet trap beat

7 months ago

me to literally anyone: your feelings are valid you should talk about them even if something seems dumb/pointless to you i’m sure the other person will understand me to me: don’t talk about your feelings idiot no one cares

Un petit son à écouter dans le train pour quand vous serez déployé pour la #3emeguerremondiale ------------------------------------------------

I think I’m crying…

8 months ago

Bon allez je fais un thread de tweets de SJW dans lesquels je remplace "homme" (ou "homme cis" etc...) par noir/juif ou autre, histoire qu'on rigole un peu.

Bon, un RT = un arbre Limite de 5000 quand même jsuis pas crésus

*Takes deep breath* Time has come to plant a tree. How many will it be? 50,000 here we GROW. Unless we plant 100,000 in a row. Plant the future with 1 retweet. And the world changes beneath your feet. 1 RT = 1 tree. Up to 100,000 for #TeamTrees 🌳

almost 22 years ago 2 people had sex and now i have to go to work everyday

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