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I have the best followers in America, and I can’t thank you enough! If I’m not following you (please check) and I’ll follow as many as Twitter will allow back. Love you guys and thanks for always having my back and for your continued support! #TrumpPence2020 #TheDCPatriot

Quoted @SVNewsAlerts

Jewish restaurant owner pleads with misinformed NYC inspector who is citing him with a court summons/fine for “violating dining ban” — ignoring fact that owner only does take out & had the door opened for air.

What's going on in NY? Looks almost like persecution?

Ted Cruz, Hellbound Class of 2020

Ted Cruz, Hellbound Class of 2020

Quoted @JesseKellyDC

I had hopes this Hunter Biden laptop story would go somewhere until I found out the FBI had it.

Exactly —


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