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980 years until the year 3000....🤪instagram @jamesfutureboybourne

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So is tiktok banned yet ?

doing a tribute to @wheatus on my Instagram stories all day because we need to celebrate our friends and their music more often. can’t believe how many great albums and songs they’ve had. So much more than just teenage dirtbag. Always look deeper & beyond the marketing machine.

Quoted @paaolazrd

@JamesBourne Bad vibes in the morning fck the whole day

They do https://t.co/fnrRTsIcxY

I want good vibes only especially in the morning

Just scrolling in the morning has to stop for me. I’ve seen a video of a fight between two families at Disney land, Trump arguing with a reporter and a video about tension building between China and US. It’s all bad vibes.

Quoted @EmilyCanham

love this! tbh I’m just wondering why @JamesBourne hasn’t written a song about me yet 🤔 https://t.co/K8CAIE2sWa

Is this my competition ? I think I could write one better https://t.co/YYlnLvix3f

I have taught myself a honky tonk version of when you wish upon a star . I’ll be fumbling my way through it on insta live . Come check it out gang !!!!!

Bill gates sounds just like Kermit the frog when he talks. Crazy

Looking at islands for sale is quite fun

Let me rephrase . Is anyone going on holiday or taking a trip to anywhere in the Caribbean

Is anyone actually going on holiday this summer. Super curious

Quoted @x_ourania_x

@zoeisawstr @JamesBourne Omg do you remember the busking set??x

Yep I busked in the street I remember https://t.co/Mwy6POO5Ow

I feel like a zoom concert is in order for the same 20 people who always like my tweets 🤣

I believe I am by far the most excited about my new music coming out . I just don’t see how anyone can be as excited as I am 🤣

⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️It Will go up on insta with the release date ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

Wanna see the album cover ?

She’s going on a run after this and I’m going for breakfast

I’ve finished my cookie but my sister still hasn’t finished her hit workout. What a slacker

My sister is doing the most Intense workout I’ve ever seen in my living room on YouTube and I’m just on the couch watching eating a cookie

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