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Just kidding bro

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Derrick Lewis: Nobody beats motivated Conor. #HelwaniShow


The prison routine has rapidly deteriorated @officialmcafee's 75yr old body and has virtually destroyed his health. He's lost close to 30lbs now and has major problems internally. It's also made it nearly impossible for him to walk due to his torn Achilles tendon. #FreeJohnMcAfee

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Ellen Page is a woman.

This is how conservatives think they will win. By being reactionary pop culture nerd. At least be funny

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Elliot Page has announced that he is transgender ❤️

Elliot Page has announced that he is transgender ❤️

Welcome to the winning team brother

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Biden’s administration picks are unifying in sense that it won’t be blood lust revenge at home. These are good old fashioned crony capitalists, not idealogues. I do feel bad for people of Syria tho. That country will be bombed within 6 months.

I prefer crooks over ideologues

Happy Thanksgiving Brother HH.

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@bitchim999 Yeah but we can’t forget about Powerline tho


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Looking forward to 4 years of the Administration politely bombing weddings, funding terrorists, bailing out Wall Street, drone striking teenagers, and destroying countries in the Middle East. Decency is back!

Decency and politeness ftw

What's really going on when people put their pronouns in their bio

What's really going on when people put their pronouns in their bio

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Just as active alcoholics with terminal liver disease are REFUSED liver transplants... People who don't follow preventative public health measures against COVID19 should be the LAST to get hospital beds.

Remember when Sarah Palin said they wanted death panels What a dumb bitch, it was never going to be panels, it was always going to be solo doctors implementing their personal version of eugenics

The election proved people hate Trump more than they love Obama

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Undermining public faith in our institutions is dangerous, but it isn't nearly as dangerous as trusting those institutions.


14 days ago

Julian Assange hasn't been pardoned yet.

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Few things have served humanity better than the widespread illusion of democracy.

*few things have served the oligarchs better than the widespread illusion of democracy *

This is stupid horse shit. The rankings are fake and that was a legit opponent

Dudes rock

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