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Quoted @CNNnewsroom

“I wear a mask for two things, Anderson: Halloween and pandemics. So, no,” says @MilesTaylorUSA, when asked by @AndersonCooper if he is the author of the op-ed book written by someone called Anonymous. https://t.co/sPjs4OoAnp

PROOF: Miles Taylor, who now admits to being “Anonymous,” once told us he was NOT Anonymous. He LIED! This is everything people hate about Washington — two-faced liars who push their own agendas at the expense of the People. This is the epitome of the swamp! ⬇️ https://t.co/cNz1Fgpz5g

It's disgraceful to watch the media praise Miles Taylor, the "Anonymous" whistleblower with no real insight into the Trump administration while completely ignoring Tony Bobulinski, the credible whistleblower with hard evidence of Biden Family corruption.

🚨🚨🚨Sounds like Tucker is going to be Lit AF again tonight. More of the partners on tape. Tune in and RT!!!

“If you elect me, your taxes are gonna be RAISED, not cut.”@JoeBiden https://t.co/8CtXcWbztv

It’s a sad day in our country when Tucker Carlson and Rudy Giuliani have to do the work of the FBI. The FBI was very busy wiretapping and actually creating fake predicates to go after Trump and his team. Hunter Biden? Tried to cover it all up. Shameful.

Biden and Obama would not be going to Michigan if he was really 8 points ahead

Any mention of Tony Bobulinski in the MSM today?

Joe Biden wouldn't drag Barack Obama to Michigan three days before the election if the polls were accurate.

Why isn’t Twitter trending Biden corruption? It’s the biggest, and most credible, story anywhere in the world. Fake Trending!!!

Quoted @TeamTrump

First Lady Melania Trump: The media loved my husband before he decided to run for President https://t.co/1C2qamKVlZ

Absolutely correct https://t.co/UkfYuVlpMh

First Lady Melania Trump: Under President @realDonaldTrump, our country is safer and stronger than ever before https://t.co/KWFiOCHIs5

Melania: "My husband can be tough, but he is fair" Crowd member: "And handsome!" Melania: "I agree"

Quoted @realDonaldTrump

Three BIG Rallies today. Lansing, Michigan. West Salem, Wisconsin. Omaha, Nebraska. We are winning all over the place. See you later!!!

Hardest working President ever !!! https://t.co/tkWSB6YuXv

People did not have to die. These Democrat Governors restricted therapeutic medicines and placed COVID 19 patients in with our elderly. It's sad that Obama doesn't have a clue!

- Philly truck attack on police - New COVID wave in Europe - Cuomo and Whitmer refuse to release nursing home numbers - Zuckerberg named in Hunter emails - Boston Herald endorsed Trump Stories you won't see on CNN today

Quoted @TuckerCarlson

Tony Bobulinski says he met with Joe Biden about China. The media have suppressed the story, but it’s real and it matters. Voters have a right to know the details. Bobulinski sits for an extended interview Tuesday night at 8p ET on #FoxNews

🚨🚨🚨TUCKER IS GOING TO BE LIT AF TONIGHT. THE BIDEN CORRUPTION WHISTLEBLOWER IS ON & HE HAS TAPES!!! Social media and main stream media will do whatever they can to cover up the fact that Biden is compromised. Watch and listen for yourself make up your own mind! https://t.co/pdsMBfGsaL

The Boston Herald has endorsed Donald John Trump for President of the United States

Chuck Schumer called yesterday's confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett "one of the darkest days in the 231-year history of the US Senate" Really? What about when Democrats unanimously opposed emancipating the slaves, giving them the right to vote? Yesterday was worse than THAT?

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