#BrotherNero DELETED

#BrotherNero DELETED



I DO NOT have Facebook! https://t.co/kEUZrWQEeu

Cameron, NC
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ThankYouOrlando,FL.&TWTWW! . . ! ((9-18-20Twenty))(:EscapeNormal:) https://t.co/H4fcF2gAvl

ThankYouOrlando,FL.&TWTWW! . . ! ((9-11-20Twenty🇺🇸)) https://t.co/3Kk05vJET5

9-11-20twenty-TomorrowNight!:)! https://t.co/dR5KHG2lXf

9-11-20twenty-TomorrowNight!:)! https://t.co/dR5KHG2lXf

The music on my last Instagram post was from my latest project.That was the 1st sound,this is the 1st sight.(Other than what your mind creates hearing it)ThankYou @obdevin for your photography skills!:)! https://t.co/BI9KVDAypi

ThankYouOrlando,FL.&TWTWW! . . ! ((9-4-20Twenty)) https://t.co/OSlPY3IB8x

ThanxAgain!The last segment of Smackdown was the Shhhhhh!(:🤫):! https://t.co/LFMhZyxoWH

ThankYouOrlando,FL.&TWTWW! . . ! ((8-28-20Twenty)) https://t.co/haaUGbOTc6

ThankYouOrlando,FL.&TWTWW! . . ! ((8-21-20Twenty))(:1stThunderDome:) https://t.co/YfwzC2ynDr

DearWWEuniverse,Thank yall for believing in me & helping me get to this AMAZING night(:!❤️!:) https://t.co/1Dp2O3Byxc

Quoted @WWE

WWE ThunderDome, featuring a state-of-the-art set, video boards, pyrotechnics, lasers, cutting-edge graphics and drone cameras, takes WWE fans’ viewing experience to an unprecedented level starting Friday on #SmackDown, kicking off #SummerSlam Weekend! https://t.co/24IrawOj8a

Welcome to the future!(:😳:)! https://t.co/7spLA2AKyS

ThankYouOrlando,FL&TWTWW! . . ! ((8-14-Twenty20))((:MegaCool:)) https://t.co/Ajyxs6NDng

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