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13 hours ago

New evidence-based clinical guidelines for the care of adults with #Downsyndrome coincides w increases in research funding from the NIH project INCLUDE & @PCORI, crucial efforts to improve quality of life for people w Down syndrome and their families https://t.co/CWa3Wvpkis

16 hours ago

Like a stopped clock that's right 2x a day, specific death count reported on any given day may be correct at some point in time. A general indication of the XS deaths from #COVID19 #pandemic are sufficiently mortifying and motivating https://t.co/a8DqEAoPPO @HFineberg @MooreFound

Principles Underlying ACIP Recommendations for Phased Implementation for COVID-19 Vaccination https://t.co/Erx43PJKNT via @JAMA_current part of @JAMANetwork

18 hours ago

In this RCT, anticoagulation with regional citrate, compared with systemic heparin, resulted in longer filter life span in patients with acute kidney injury receiving continuous kidney replacement therapy https://t.co/fmkawnqjmM #VisualAbstract

19 hours ago

This clinical guideline for the medical care of adults with #Downsyndrome recommends early screening for Alzheimer #dementia and diabetes, as well as extending recommendations routine preventative care for cardiovascular disease, and obesity https://t.co/JEhtlXyq80 @GDSFoundation

Mental Health Disorders Related to COVID-19–Related Deaths https://t.co/k16vyYWUws via @JAMA_current part of @JAMANetwork

As the nation struggles to recover from #COVID19, public health investments made in testing, contact tracing, and isolation should be established permanently and not dismantled as the pandemic recedes https://t.co/aqKicvlMhT @Cutler_econ @LHSummers

Herd immunity and implications for SARS-CoV-2 control – via @JAMA_current https://t.co/eF09fvQUTI Author Interview: https://t.co/ZUdF9fJVMQ Patient Page: https://t.co/p4orCJLYBB

Vitamin C, Hydrocortisone, and Thiamine vs Hydrocortisone Alone in Septic Shock https://t.co/IQxN23v6M5 via @JAMA_current part of @JAMANetwork

The costs of the #coronavirus pandemic are unprecedented in their dimensions. @Cutler_econ, @LisaCooperMD, and Charles R. Marmar, MD discuss financial costs, costs to communities of color in excess deaths and bereavement, and mental health costs https://t.co/N4hGlcNHGf #COVID19

Commentary on ethical COVID vaccine distribution, in @JAMA_current: https://t.co/P9dBAEagrc

Hunger will nearly double worldwide due to the #COVID19 pandemic, according to the @WFP. “Until we have a medical vaccine, food is the best vaccine against chaos, social unrest, protests, a rise in migration, deepening conflict, widespread under-nutrition” https://t.co/kIKdatMTMd

Response to COVID-19 in Taiwan: Big Data Analytics, New Technology, and Proactive Testing https://t.co/ubd71QSkBY via @JAMA_current part of @JAMANetwork

A 70-yo man w a 2-yr history of nasal congestion, rhinorrhea, and chronic cough developed yellow discoloration and thickening of his fingernails and toenails and progressive exertional dyspnea and edema of both lower extremities. What is the diagnosis? https://t.co/94n4tU4P2x

Biden cites the need for rapid COVID-19 tests. My new story about the tests for @JAMA_current https://t.co/rP50ndWCjn #DebateTonight

The costs of the #coronavirus pandemic are unprecedented in their dimensions. @Cutler_econ, @LisaCooperMD, and Charles R. Marmar, MD discuss financial costs, costs to communities of color in excess deaths and bereavement, and mental health costs https://t.co/yXfTif1CSu #COVID19

The #ACIP will make recommendations for the use of licensed #COVID19 vaccines based on ethical principles, scientific evidence, and logistical feasibility, using a transparent process that puts safety first https://t.co/6oUXWFD7vy

Most Medicaid enrollees are in private for-profit managed care plans. States should consider adding public Medicaid managed care plans to improve the quality of care, to either compete with or replace the private for-profit Medicaid managed care plans https://t.co/nA3xUxjRaq

Excess Deaths From COVID-19, Community Bereavement, and Restorative Justice for Communities of Color https://t.co/0cJM2qGIMm via @JAMA_current part of @JAMANetwork

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