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2 hours ago

Quoted @LeonRomaine

How do you like your plantain (plantin)?

How do you like your plantain (plantin)?

I don’t give a heck, just give me all.

An American 23 looks very different to a British 23.

16 hours ago

Quoted @briannagraceq

I’m going to uni through @ItsRonaye’s snaps and I must say,so far so good🙈

This uni life has been very mad. Just gotta pop paracetamol and keep it moving

My friend is unfairly pretty and slim and gets all the attention whenever we go out. I don’t like it so I put laxatives in her drinks/food before any motive so she stays at home or goes home early. SOAS Uni flw @acsclass

2 days ago

I just really feel like I’m transitioning into a new phase in my life. I feel different.

Quoted @DailyMailUK

BREAKING NEWS: Gunman shoots police officer dead at Croydon HQ then turns firearm on himself

BREAKING NEWS: Gunman shoots police officer dead at Croydon HQ then turns firearm on himself

They didn’t mention the race of the shooter so I’m guessing he’s....

girls locker room: “OMG Tyler is so hot😍” boys locker room:

Quoted @BBCBreaking

Police officer shot dead at Croydon police station in south London

i’m tired of defending croydon.

2020 has taught me that it’s honestly not everything you must do for money. Respect yourself please.

Instagram updated their app and now users can see who screenshotted their stories from 2016 to now. I will now be passing away 🙏🏽

Quoted @ibz_i3

How many of your mutuals follow @blacksexvids ?

19 yeye children

Quoted @Iewislewinsky

she said mcYes 😭😭

So this is what you lot be doing instead of turning on the ice cream machine????

Performing at 12 festivals next year I don’t know how this has all happened 😭🙏🏾❤️

Hold up planet of the apes ? 😂😂😂 2020 gotta chill

2 days ago

I thought afronation was meant for mainly afrobeats? There’s like 4/5 genres in that lineup lol

3 days ago

This girl is actually too funny😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Quoted @literallysofie

gender reveals are transphobic let's start there

aired dfkm

That Phone in your hand will ring for good news tomorrow in Jesus name 💕🥺claim it !!!

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