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How men look at you when you remind them they have a girlfriend.

3 days ago

I just want my big girl degree, working a big girl job, get paid big girl money, living in a big girl house 🥺

Quoted @XXcamacho02

Lately I’ve been like...

Lately I’ve been like...

Is the album he’s listening to frank ocean blonde ?

3 days ago

me when he opens the ps5 box to 100 reasons why i love him

females w/ their own money don't care about anything except how you treat them.

I can’t stop thinking about this

Idk what it is about biancas birthday but usually no want knows how to act 😂 I’m ready for all that

This just got me mad

My toxic trait is I get mad at people for not having basic common sense.

@plantphotomami The only way this could have gotten better

Quoted @shallomszn

How come men never need reassurance? Like why are y’all so secure?? What’s the secret?

They don’t gaf lmao

5 days ago

Tinder but for finding a primary care physician

I’ll hit every single like button if it changes. Idk I can’t stop😭

Quoted @NiggazWILIN

girls be like “my room is a vibe” and it’s dirty as hell with LED lights


Love faces Bryson tiller. That’s it. That’s the tweet.

Quoted @_LSuki

Target, Home Goods, brunch and more all in one day. I would be screaming with excitement too. That’s a good ass day 😂

Had me at home goods 💀

Apart of adulting is checking your emails first thing in the morning before anything else

the male version of every zodiac sign is significantly worse than the women & I stand by this

6 days ago

Only person stressing me out rn is ME .. just cause I want so much better for myself

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