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💥 @pfunction69 Still On Top! 💥#IDontWannaMakeOutWithYou has been described as an ode to both personal space and the fundamental human right to turn someone down.👍 #PrivateFunction @damagedagency #DamagedRecords #punkrock https://t.co/eFIPV73ECP

Purveyors of extreme metal, #Brujeria, have unleashed their new digital single, 'COVID-666'. 🔥🔥🔥 @NuclearBlastAus #nuclearblastrecords https://t.co/yqrc2CZETs

We wanted to focus on that shift from dark to light—and light to dark—that can occur in one’s feelings and perceptions that we wanted to write about. - @makethemsuffer #MakeThemSuffer #HowToSurviveAFuneral @greyscalerec #GreyscaleRecords #metalcore #Metal https://t.co/YHWD0FJoJc

Fresh off their signing with @FearlessRecords ,@KTLband have thrown it back to 1988, sharing their cover of @testament ‘s classic thrash anthem, #IntoThePit 👊 #FearlessRecords #KillTheLights #Testament @NuclearBlastAus https://t.co/tvCZEwkRUF

They’re back. @bmthofficial have finally released their long-awaited new single #ParasiteEve. What are you waiting for?! https://t.co/xslq2YhDjn

💥 PREMIERE: @downfortomorrow 💥 If you haven’t gotten around Sydney’s Down For Tomorrow yet, it’s time to drop everything and update your playlists. For Fans Of: @lucabrasitassie @dearseattleband @loserbandaus 👌 #downfortomorrow #UntilYouFeelAlright https://t.co/FdtLv5V8X4

🔥 ALBUM REVIEW: @EMMUREmusic 🔥 On a whole, the feeling behind #Hindsight is closer to a 90’s rap-rock record than a slam/deathcore band.👊 #Emmure @sharptonerecs #SharpToneRecords https://t.co/9SAxL7VZkD

💥PREMIERE: #WeTheRevelry💥 The super long title might be reminiscent of classic pop-punk songs by the likes of #FallOutBoy & #PanicAtTheDisco but the nostalgia doesn’t stop there. For Fans Of: @standatlantic @TonightAlive @paramore https://t.co/Ba8M7GzCC9

Welsh legends @DreamStateUK made some serious waves last year with their iconic debut album #PrimrosePath, and they’ve today released a brand new music video for album track #AreYouReadyToLive?. #DreamState @unfdcentral #UNFD https://t.co/AxaqsC4J6j

"This may be our last record. This may be the first of many to come. I really don’t know." - #JakeTaylor @inheartswake #InHeartsWake #Kaliyuga @unfdcentral #UNFD #metalcore https://t.co/x9D2GnIWPT

UK’s indie rock sweethearts @NBThieves have just dropped their brand new single #reallovesong ❤️ #NothingButThieves @RCARecords @SonyMusicAU https://t.co/mPwARmmNVM

Not unlike the bands they’ve taken inspiration from, @AmongTheRuined sound is begging to be refined into something worthy of a major label.🔥🔥🔥#ForFansOf: @TriviumOfficial @MIWband @bfmvofficial #AmongTheRuined #DespiteAllOdds #Metal https://t.co/HIz7ONahBT

Californian #metal lords @kingdomofgiants have announced details of their fourth record, #Passenger, set to drop on October 16th, 2020 via @sharptonerecs 👑 #KingdomOfGiants #SharpToneRecords https://t.co/nDsX4FYE6l

Australian folk-metal group @valhalore have taken on the viral sensation #TossACoinToYourWitcher from the @netflix series @TheWitcherNtflx to create an epic up-tempo metal rendition of the track.🔥 #Valhalore #TheWitcherNetflix https://t.co/ElARHAAOXx

#Deathcore giants @suicidesilence are performing a #VirtualWorldTour running from 2nd July to 30th July spanning across 14 countries and five continents. 🐍 #SuicideSilence #NuclearBlastRecords #BandsInTown @NuclearBlastAus @Bandsintown @nuclearblastusa https://t.co/jsrL2VE6a6

ICYMI @MfnH have released #CivilUnrest a 2-song digital single of protest anthems. “I drove into Oakland, past large demonstrations already happening, and in a fury wrote down everything I was feeling after watching the horrific footage." @TheGeneralMH https://t.co/mLupL0vqm5

🔥 @makethemsuffer album review 🔥 The entire album is screaming out to be played onstage, packed full of songs that deserve to inspire circle pits and walls of death.🖤 #MakeThemSuffer @greyscalerec #HowToSurviveAFuneral #GreyscaleRecords #Metal https://t.co/CQSVHgo4cX

"We don’t write music for the fans, we write music for the 5 dudes in @lambofgod —always have, always will. I think the fans respect that, it means you’re staying true to your artistic vision." - @blythelambofgod 🔥 #lambofgod @NuclearBlastAus #metal https://t.co/uGkxaWh0Br

💥Pop Punk fans rejoice! In celebration of a decade of music, @State_Champs have announced the release of an Unplugged six-track EP. #StateChamps #poppunk @purenoiserecs #PureNoiseRecords #punk https://t.co/cXVXf6b8fh

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