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The creation of the National Health Service in 1948 is widely celebrated as a glorious chapter in the history of modern Britain. But, argues Mathew Thomson, its delivery was far from smooth... https://t.co/Nhoy5yBqwT

“As the statesman who laid the foundations of the US government’s financial mechanisms and systems, Alexander Hamilton is a hugely important figure in American history” #HamiltonFilm #Hamilfilm https://t.co/g9o3dm3Xcu

It’s claimed that Bonnie Prince Charlie has a direct descendant alive today... #DidYouKnow https://t.co/BvnNofN3UN

The buildings and remains that were buried after the eruption of Mount Vesiuvius provide a remarkable window into ancient Roman life, as @DaisyfDunn explores… https://t.co/UwElMizlxl

What did Elizabeth I think of her mother, Anne Boleyn? https://t.co/AXQPBokIFp

"The legend of the Spanish Armada created by the Elizabethans and retold by generations has a powerful legacy. In times of crisis – from #WW2 to the Falklands – it’s been used to convince us that this small island can take on superpowers" | @Lucy_Worsley https://t.co/T11EEBhWp4

Jacobites weren’t all Scottish – there were Irish and English exiles too, says @JacRiding #DidYouKnow https://t.co/BvnNofN3UN

“When he was asked to speak at an Independence Day celebration in 1852, Frederick Douglass proceeded to denounce the hypocrisy of a nation that proclaimed ‘all men are created equal’…” https://t.co/wPiVMHtHWh

Alexander Hamilton wasn’t just a founding father of America – he was a media mogul and a volunteer in the rebel militia… #HamiltonFilm #Hamilfilm https://t.co/g9o3dm3Xcu

"From England and France, people flocked to Thomas Becket's shrine, while a cult, associated with the curative power of Becket’s blood, began at Canterbury," says @Emma_J_Wells https://t.co/jBoENZK6TC

"Theatre-hating puritans couldn’t help crowing, too, detecting divine vengeance in the 'sudden fearful burning',"says @andydickson https://t.co/Gl6xhs0xjV

“When Mallory’s perfectly preserved body was discovered, the photo of his wife that he had sworn to leave on the summit was the only thing missing…” https://t.co/r4as4Z0Hq3

Outside of Canada, the central belt of Scotland was the highest recipient of American inward investment anywhere in the world between 1945 and 1970 #DidYouKnow https://t.co/BrBp9m9UEU

The events of 4 July 1776 helped inspire colonial independence movements around the world… #IndependenceDay https://t.co/wPiVMHtHWh

"Disappointingly, none of the early accounts of the Armada mention anyone playing bowls at all," says @Lucy_Worsley... https://t.co/T11EEBzxNE

“Hamilton himself said he was ‘strongly opposed to the practice of duelling’, but Burr had no such qualms…” #HamiltonFilm #Hamilfilm https://t.co/g9o3dm3Xcu

Did women go on crusades? | 60-second history with @NRHodgson_Hist https://t.co/4BcP2B8DIp

“According to later accounts, volcanic ash reached as far as Egypt and Syria, while in Campania itself, the toxic air spread a ‘terrible pestilence’ among those who returned…” https://t.co/UwElMiQWoT

On 2 July 1776, representatives from 13 of Britain’s colonies in North America voted, at last, to publicly break their bonds with the mother country… #IndependenceDay https://t.co/wPiVMHLiNP

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