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Top-of-mind issues: πŸ”Ίemployee anxiety and burnout πŸ”Ίdeveloping a strong company culture in a virtual world πŸ”Ίinvesting in metrics around diversity @PwC via @MikeQuindazzi #FutureofWork #DigitalTransformation #Benefits cc @guzmand @psb_dc @jblefevre60

By expanding #connectivity & creating #digital services, #mobile has driven significant social, economic & environmental benefits and has contributed to all @UN #SDGs @GSMA Report πŸ‘‰ cc @andi_staub @SpirosMargaris @jblefevre60 @sallyeaves @mvollmer1

@DeepLearn007 @SpirosMargaris @Xbond49 @psb_dc @jblefevre60 @nigewillson @Paula_Piccard @ipfconline1 @pierrepinna @Nicochan33 @ahier @sallyeaves @AghiathChbib @automeme @TrippBraden @KMcDTech @guzmand @HarvardBiz @TheRudinGroup β€œThe possibilities across disciplines and industries are limited only by the imagination of your people.” Great share, Imtiaz @DeepLearn007 ! πŸ“²

Encouraging your employees to persevere isn’t enough. Managers should know how to cultivate #gratitude, compassion, & pride on their teams via @harvardbiz #HRTech @AkwyZ @MeghanMBiro @kkruse @JolaBurnett @guzmand @soumyasanto @HaroldSinnott @BetaMoroney

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