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8 hours ago

ICYMI: An endangered baby rhino is the latest addition to Wroclaw Zoo in western Poland

In New Jersey, smokers can now get the covid-19 vaccine before teachers or public transit workers

3 days ago

People who have been infected by Covid-19 may have immunity to the virus for around five months, according to preliminary findings in a new study

@CNN Trumps life in real time

+++ Vorfall in Hagen: Mehrere Altenheimbewohner trotz Impfung mit Corona infiziert +++

4 days ago

A baby rhino was welcomed by this zoo in Poland

7 days ago

Vice President Mike Pence hasn't ruled out invoking the 25th Amendment and wants to preserve the option if President Trump becomes more unstable, a source says.

10 days ago

OUCH! ✍🏻 翻书比翻脸还快

11 days ago
U.S. Congress begins consideration of Biden's Electoral College win

U.S. Congress begins consideration of Biden's Electoral College win

17 days ago

LIVE: Wuhan residents gather for countdown to 2021

Rich I
18 days ago

Dem mutierten Coronavirus ist vermutlich nur mit harten Bandagen beizukommen via @NZZ

20 days ago

ICYMI: A worker at a Russian waste plant miraculously saved a cat in a garbage sorting machine 🐱

Rich I
21 days ago
Ceny szczepionek

Ceny szczepionek

Rich I
22 days ago

Pada snieżek, pada. Pada on se równo. Raz padnie na trawkę, raz padnie na g.... 😂

Rich I
23 days ago

Kann Sars-CoV-2 unter Umständen doch ins Erbgut integriert werden? via @NZZ

Rich I
a month ago
Sami tworzymy własną rzeczywistość.

Sami tworzymy własną rzeczywistość.

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