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Quoted @yashar

When Eric Trump says “I’m part of that community and we love the man” he’s clearly quoting the LGBT people who talk to him about his dad but I’m in the mood for carryon

. @EricTrump has been a straight ally for a very long time. Long before he got into politics. Long before @JoeBiden was campaigning AGAINST gay marriage while running for re-election as Vice President.

Miss👇him & love this truth bomb.

Miss👇him & love this truth bomb.

an hour ago

@HLAurora63 @Mar10Alm @FoxNews I watch a lot of OAN now

There are 2 types of cats.. 😅

"You know, let's, I think that, first of all, Joe's been very clear that, um, he's going 2, to, 2 pay attention to the fact, & I'm w/him on this 1000 percent," Harris said. "Pay attention to the fact, right now, Lawrence, people R voting. They're voting."

Bias Democratic politicians👉 will not meet Amy Barrett today! Do you agree they OBSTRUCT anyone or anything they do not want? If so 👉 Retweet

Project veritas has caught on tape a never before seen money for ballots exchange and all caught on camera. #CashForBallots #maga 🔁Retweet if you are sick of this corruption ➡️Leave your @ ➡️Follow all patriots ➡️Follow @kelliekelly23

When a child is UNCOMFORTABLE & moves away from you that's a sign to STOP what you're doing unless you're a PEDOPHILE & DON'T CARE!!! KEEP SHARING THESE VIDEOS!!!

27 minutes ago

@POTUS⁩ WHERE HAVE OUR JUSTICE SYSTEM GONE? 😡 Why is this specimen still in office holding a government position? DO SOMETHING Second O'Keefe Video Drops: Alleged Cash-For-Ballot Transaction Caught On Tape, Ilhan Omar Accused Of Direct Involvement

36 minutes ago

WHAT AN INCREDIBLE VIDEO❗️⁦👇⁦@POTUS⁩ It’s so incredible to see thousands of patriots united on those rallies. The MSN NEVER shows this. WE ARE WINNING 4 MORE YEARS- Liberal tears are coming to town-Here’s a video that may predict a Trump victory

💥#WakeUpAmerica💥Mike Davis @mrddmia It Is Game Over America If Joe Biden Wins The Presidency Dems call it Court Restructuring-That's Swamp Speak for Packing The Court-Radical Scheme Dems Will TAKE AWAY #FreeSpeech-ReligiousLiberty-Guns @realDonaldTrump #VoteRedToSaveAmerica

Good Morning, Dear Friends🌷Have A Lovely and Blessed 

Good Morning, Dear Friends🌷Have A Lovely and Blessed Tuesday🙏🏻🕊

Biden Rejects Trump Challenge That He Submit To A Drug Test! It appears Biden is receiving a major pharmaceutical boost for his nationally televised events! Folks don’t believe he can make it thru a 1.5 hour late night debate without pharmaceutical help!🤣

@Ilhan broke Federal Law! Lift her parliamentary immumity and bring her to trial! It's high time to impose law and order in the Left swamp! #Fixit

Laura Loomer exposes v0ter fraud as boxes of ba11ots r discovered in a Dem operatives rental car at the airport in Florida .@realDonaldTrump warns Americans about the perils of mass mail-in v0t1ng Will the GOP stand up? 🥊😭 We need 🇺🇸🥊 Loomer $

Quoted @NYGovCuomo

Wearing a mask in public is not optional. It’s the law.

The Great Dictator is just a nasty little runt!

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