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recorded internally on my instrument. Do you have a product that works close to Adobe Premiere?

@fbi Using a link provided by @CapitalOne , I uploaded 5 (FIVE) documents supporting my CLAIM that Abdul Motors PULLS parts from cars WITHOUT TESTING them and posts them up for SALE on @ebay making FALSE ADVERTISEMENT that the part is works. Owner of Abdul Motors is a CRIMINAL

I spoke with the FRAUD DEPARTMENT personnel at Capital One and it seemed to me that they were DRAGGING their FEET for 45 days citing FEDERAL REGULATION abetting FRAUDS like Abdul Motors. I have documentation to prove that this ABDUL Motors is a CRIMINAL outfit.

facility that can take care of my keyboard and get it working? If you can send me the main logic board that would be helpful and I can swap the board myself. Thanks.

and text. Try to install managers at your stores with LESS ATTITUDE and more FRIENDLINESS

iPhone hoping that it will pickup the signal put out by my current CELL SPOT. @TMobile signal in the area surrounding the intersection of Greenspring Ave and Greenspring Valley Road in Maryland is ZERO. I have to depend WiFi if and WHEN available to use my phone for voice, data

I need a 2nd CELL SPOT for my account as the SIGNAL DOES NOT COVER my ranch style house that is, the signal the present CELL SPOT transmits FAILS to reach the other end of the house. I need a 2nd Cell Spot and can your office AUTHORIZE this request. Yesterday I even bought a new

my 5 lines with @TMobile and moving to another carrier. I may have to pay more for International calls but SUCH CRAP HEADS calling my number and trying to collect CREDIT CARD information is just PURE FINANCIAL TERRORISM, as far as I am concerned. cc: @fbi @fcc

5708031045 @ 2:21pm (Selling Health Insurance), 9542725688 @ 3:08pm (Marriott Hotel Services), 8447790562 @ 3:22pm (Liberty Mutual Selling Insurance). What the HELL is all these calls for? Why is @TMobile entertaining such calls. I am SERIOUSLY thinking of DISCONNECTING ...

the @FCC should know about this new game.

@TMobile AGAINST its customers and in this case against me is surprising. I did not call the police yesterday but if it happens again I will not hesitate to call the police and inform the @FBI for this constant HARASSMENT and @TMobile 's lack of concern. I feel ...

they visited me. The frequency of such calls are rising. I called T-Mobile customer service and a STUPID Philipino woman put me on hold saying she will be back for over 10 minutes and disappeared. Finally the line got dropped. What is going on ...

What? She was a NICE LADY. What? I cannot believe my eyes or ears. What a TRAGEDY. I wanted her to become the NEXT PRIME MINISTER of India. What the HELL? What happened? She was the BEST MINISTER India EVER Had. Just Tears in my eyes for her. What? What? What?

Three people were gored during the first running of the bulls during this year's San Fermin festival in Pamplona, Spain.

to get me to DEFAULT on my payment so that @HSBC can hit me with LATE FEES and PENALTY. I called your customer service and an bunch of PHILIPINOS who CAN ONLY SING ENGLISH was TALKING SHIT. I need professional RESPONSE from people who are interested in RESOLVING this ISSUE.

by the close of business 27th June, 2019, on how I can complete a payment, I WILL FORWARD this COMPLAINT to the or The CONSUMER FINANCIAL PROTECTION BUREAU. HSBC does have to LOCK me out before I can make the payment. This looks like a SLEAZY PRACTICE

This incident took place at the BWI Airport @nextcarrentals rental desk.

was STOLEN by NextCar until I called the credit card company and disputed the FRAUD. HOW MANY PEOPLE and their MONEY is being STOLEN by this STUPID FRAUD car rental company. Watch out people your money is being STOLEN by employees at this rental with the BLESSING of SOMEONE.

I walked away due to her ARROGANCE and moved to another rental company and rented a vehicle. The charge was showing PENDING until last night. This morning the amount showed POSTED as a VALID transaction. Without a CONTRACT showing delivery of service a FRAUD CHARGE and MONEY

Hey JOHN Person the CEO of DHL where the HELL is my package? @cnbc @cnn @fbi @NSAGov @DHLUS Your CUSTOMER SERVICE is STUPID and acting IRRESPONSIBLY by LYING after quoting $59.58 for a shipment and then charging me $110 at the Hanover MD location. What is going on at DHL?

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