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Adam McKay: writer, director. Hyperobject Industries: films, episodic, podcasts & greeting cards that play a song when you open them.

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#Succession wins for best drama series at the #Emmys

Giant congrats to cast, crew and writers. And of course to the brilliant and exceedingly decent Jesse Armstrong.

Quoted @HBO

Congratulations to Andrij Parekh of #SuccessionHBO on his #Emmys win for Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series.

Andrij!!! So well deserved.

Way to go Jeremy! One of my favorite actors ever!

#Emmys2020 #HBO #Succession

Way to go Jeremy! One of my favorite actors ever! #Emmys2020 #HBO #Succession

With increasingly extreme drought cycles, rising temperatures and global economic insecurity all brought on by the flooding of the atmosphere with CO2 how much longer before Vegas becomes uninhabitable? 20 years? 10?

Quoted @AriFleischer

No. Bush was elected by the people of FL and other states. Gore tried to conduct a selective recount of ballots in D counties and was stopped. The people prevailed.

Also, I used to play for the Los Angeles Lakers as starting center because I said so

7 years ago
Ruth Bader Ginsburg should NOT retire just so Obama can appoint a liberal. She's irreplaceable

Ruth Bader Ginsburg should NOT retire just so Obama can appoint a liberal. She's irreplaceable

If you want to help win SCOTUS fight pls use + share this call tool I’ve put together. Dial (202) 899-8938 to be patched through to your own senators and @SenSchumer in succession to tell them use procedural tools to block Trump nom. Super easy to use and provides you w a script.

Quoted @davidsirota

“There appeared to be no immediate appetite from Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer or members of the Democratic Conference to try to grind the chamber’s limited agenda to a halt, although they have tools at their disposal.” #PrimarySchumer

If anyone is thinking about primarying Schumer I will volunteer and offer my support. Please @ me.

the next two months will be everyone going “ahem” and reposting old mitch mcconnell quotes to show how hypocritical he is while he confirms to the supreme court a 25 year old law student from 4chan

In a better system, an 87-year-old woman dying would not cause people to fear for the future of democracy.

LA's crushing heat and toxic air are the product of our climate crisis. Both will get worse if we don't take major action. Instead, every councilmember but one just voted to relax emissions standards at the Port of LA: soon to become our biggest polluter.

Billy and Alfred did Cocaine Cowboys, The U, Screwball and this might be their best work. And it’s obviously crazily relevant in a terrifying kind of way...

Time tested recipe for disaster. Or in this case an Orange Neo Nazi reality star and a do nothing DNC.

Quoted @berniebromanny

Tucker Carlson finally met Jesus, turns out it was Cornel West the entire time.

Cornel West needed only 39 seconds to persuade Tucker Carlson to explicitly embrace democratic socialism.

This may be the the most persuasive left case for voting for Joe Biden than I've read.

4 days ago

Mark Zuckerberg has told employees that Facebook is likely to fare better under Republicans, according to people familiar with the conversations

I’m not calling out Vanity Fair or anyone who has to pay their bills writing stuff. Just acknowledging how bizarre it is to live in a world where the death of the livable atmosphere and a Katie Holmes story both exist at the same time.

This is more of a question. But is it possible for there to be a permanent hurricane in the Atlantic like Jupiter has? I know that’s not happening soon but is it in any of the long term computer models? @MichaelEMann @billmckibben @DoctorVive @KHayhoe

Not to mention a massive health and economic crisis.

It’s only a matter of time before we see a west coast sized fire event combined with an Australia fire. The idea of three mega fires at once also doesn’t seem that far away. This would create dangerous smoke for the whole planet and block out the sun.

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