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I make your stakeholders understand complexity, simply! Polymath w/ Sprezzatura, Speaker, Coach, Inventor, Journalist, Author, EP, Filmmaker. RT not endorsement

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⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ Plan to put Government above the law #SaveYourRights

Quoted @libertyhq

⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ Plan to put Government above the law #SaveYourRights

We make a stand to hold them to account. Make sure we not only get our stolen rights back, but we make certain that they will never steal them again. #CorruptToriesOut. #CorruptPrimeMinisterOut #ProsecuteTheLiars

MEPs vote to add British overseas territories to tax haven blacklist after Brexit but its cool because the U.K. can veto it. Oh wait....

Quoted @jsrailton

UPDATE: 39 sworn current law enforcement from 17 states were at the #Capitol. Tally keeps growing. 1/ @jbenmenachem & @theappeal are keeping track. Source:

UPDATE: 39 sworn current law enforcement from 17 states were at the #Capitol. Tally keeps growing. 1/

@jbenmenachem & @theappeal are keeping track.


"@shoshanazuboff, author of The Age of Surveillance Capitalism, argues the threat to our democracy won’t recede unless we address the fundamental flaws of the business model that companies like Google and Facebook have ridden to market dominance."

Trump campaign: "We spent $3M on an insurrection" Also Trump campaign: "How dare you wear a basic Rolex?"

“The government’s doing the best anyone could in these unprecedented circumstances. It’s a pandemic! Cut them slack!” In unrelated news:

Quoted @standardnews

Boris Johnson will ‘visit Scotland this week in a bid to save the union’

Hold my beer, said the pm.

In parallel, we propose stronger requirements for international travellers into the EU: testing, quarantines and a future common European Passenger Locator Form. We need to stop the spread of the virus variants & keep us all safe. Together, we will overcome this pandemic.

Dominion sues Giuliani for $1.3 billion over 'Big Lie'

The optics on Brexit month one would have been much better had they just accepted the SM or the CU. Hard Brexit wasn't called 'Hard' for nothing.

Quoted @dappergander

This is really something.

This is really something.

It’ll all be fine once Trump’s gone

Be transparent and emphatic about this. Sending “media metrics” and other measurement reports to foreign entities absolutely is, at this current point in time, *treason*. You need to make this clear.

All indications are that the Rolex belonged to Beau Biden. The President wears it to honor his beloved son. Nice going @nytimes. You really screwed the pooch on this one.

If you're wondering how we have ended up with a Brexit that delivers nothing but harm to the great majority of us, here's an explanation.

Quoted @DoubleDownNews

.@GeorgeMonbiot on Brexit: Capitalism's Civil War

He has some very good points very well explained. I don’t agree with the final conclusion, but his arguments are compelling.

Quoted @infotagion

Our latest podcast is live & it's another exclusive 🚨 Elizabeth Denham @ICOnews joins @DamianCollins to call for int'l approach to data privacy 🌐 🎙️ Apple 🎙️ Spotify 🎙️ Infotagion

NEW: on January 26 Elizabeth Denham will give evidence to @CommonsDCMS following her letter on @ICOnews #CambridgeAnalytica investigation. Questions remain! For context see her interview by @damiancollins #infotagion with data privacy experts @ProfCarroll @VickerySec & myself 👇

Jeremy Hunt calls for medical grade face masks to be compulsory @LBC Good idea, but would have been an even better one a year ago.

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